Brand new site design & branding!

I’ve cleaned up and brightened my website! The galleries are easier to view, and I’ve made it simple for anyone to request custom art!
This redesign also involves new branding, so you’ll notice matching graphics around my social media and shop sites – and soon I’ll be getting new business cards printed.

I hope this big cheerful site design is pleasing for all who view it! 🙂

Kat <3

New and New

I have changed image gallery scripts on my site – this new LightBox script seems to work with mobile devices, while the old one did not. Hooray! Now I just need to make a slightly mobile-compatible theme for this place, and we’ll be set.
I’ve also switched the doctype to HTML5 rather than dumb old XHTML strict. Because the two people who view this page every month wanted to know that. 😛

Also, new Biffy Clyro guitars…

Holiday Notice

For those of you visiting to find my Shop page:

Please note that I will be on holiday until the 9th of January. I have one Glitterati pendant, and one Seattle, in stock as of this posting. Any other pendants will have to be painted and shipped out when I get back – my housemates do not deal with my stuff.

Thank you for your understanding, and have a very happy new year!! 😀

Feeling: happily rushed happily rushed.

Now in Technicolor!

So, I have just finished my first-ever attempt at a full colour portrait. It turned out better than I thought it would. Trying to match skin tone is a real pain in the arse.
There is actually metallic gold in his hair… it looks neat on the paper :}

David Tennant as The Doctor in ‘New Earth’
Graphite and Prismacolor pencils on 9×12 paper



So I guess there’s been an upgrade from Lightbox to Lightview. I implemented said upgrade here on the site, and it is quite an improvement! If anyone is interested in learning about the project, here is its website.

Along with this, I have re-scanned all the artwork that was on the Artsy page. I also found my Kurt Cobain drawings from 15 years ago, and put up the best of those. Not too shabby for a girl of thirteen, I suppose. :}

I’ve been working on new handbag designs to sew up and possibly sell on my own site (I’ve already come up with a name) and/or Etsy. *I* like my designs. Don’t know if anyone else will.. I think they will. …I hope.

A Sunday to be Hailed!

Yehh.. cheeseball. But we did have a rather huge hailstorm for the area just an hour ago – looks like it snowed out there.

Also, it is a day to celebrate.

I have installed WP 2.5, and it’s lovely!!! **HUGS** for all the developers!

I got some wild colours in corduroy and velveteen for making handbags. Notions too, of course, to go with. I have a bunch of fabric for making things to sell, but my sewing machine is broken (something wrong with the tension mechanism inside.. no matter what I try, the thing still breaks its own thread) so the fabric just sits.
Mom decided to get a sewing machine for me!!! Happy Birthday & Easter to me! It’s a cheapish Singer – of course they’re all made of plastic these days. This one has 12 different stitches and a bunch of extra feet and stuff that I’m not likely to ever use. :} Shoot, I wonder how many bobbins it came with? Forgot to check that. Anyway, the next-highest-up machine was the all-electronic one, which I don’t trust. The memory can go so easily wonky in those things – and again, I will never use all that extra crap. My sewing involves straight lines and the occasional appliqué stitch.

So I have a design for this handbag floating around in my head, and I need to draw it out on paper and actually make a pattern out of the thought. Then, hopefully, it will sell. :}

On a side note, I’ve started delving into the world of MySQL and PHP. Sure, I can install scripts just fine, and even kind of see where I’ve accidentally missed a bracket or something. But I don’t know how to write anything other than an include in PHP, let alone connect it to a database. I have a friend who wants a very simple script written, and I am quite sure I can figure it out myself, perhaps with a little bit of security know-how from the gals at CodeGrrl. The book that I got is for PHP6, which isn’t even really in use yet, but I’m certain the simple thing I’m writing won’t use any features that have been added or changed since version 2. Heh.

Something’s Fishy Here…

Yay, a brand new layout!!
I drew all the fishes, bubbles, grass and snail myself – so the layout truly is my very own. I even put the CSS in from scratch and everything! Hooray for me.
This is also my first attempt at a XHTML-strict layout. I seem to have done well on the layout itself, but I need to go back through some pages and entries and take out ‘target’ attributes and things like that. Mainly the validation errors are coming from plugins I’m using.

Speaking of plugins, I’ve removed a few things from the sidebar. They had lost their novelty and become clutter. They served well for a while.. but, time to move on.

There are still some details to iron out, but I’m not too concerned about those, since no one ever visits my site except to look for fanlisting codes anyway. 😛

Please let me know what you think of the layout… I am always open to constructive criticism and suggestions!