Back to School!

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy!

I have started tattoo school (I know a lot of people think school is horrible, but Oregon requires it for licensing), and I’m having a lot of fun! I’ve been nerding out on all the technical stuff about machines, power supplies, needles and stuff.

Because of school, I’m very far behind on portrait work, so commissions are closed for the time being. Thanks for understanding 🙂

Pet Portrait Special Pricing!!

I’m still raising funds for my tattoo school tuition, so I’m running a special on full colour pet portraits!
Get a 5×7″ portrait for $50, or 8×10″ for $100.
Visit the commissions page for more info and a request form.

I also have a bunch of hand-drawn bird necklaces, scarves, pendants, and other other items, in my Etsy shop!

Or, if you’re feeling so inclined, I am also taking donations <3

Tattooing School!!!! Tuition Donations Welcome :D

I was told by an amazing human a few years ago that I should do tattooing, and the idea stuck in my head. Other amazing humans have supported that idea, and today I finally went and signed up for school! I am so, so excited!!

The State of Oregon does not allow apprenticeships for licensing, so it has to be school, and that school is going to cost $10k.
I don’t actually start until I raise those funds – so I am asking for help to do so. I don’t usually ask for money, but any cents contributed to my tuition savings would help tremendously.
Of course folks can also commission work from me in return: portraits, pendants, tiny guitars.

So if anyone wants to help out with just a few dollars donation, here’s a convenient PayPal link. Thank you so much! <3

Back to it!

Phew! I got a full-time job last year after several years of trying to work from home….. and that job, while I adore it, really took my art energy away! I’ve managed to do a few little portraits through the year, but nothing near my old output.
However, in 2020, at least for a few months, I’ll be going part-time and I will have a lot more energy for drawing. So if anyone would like to commission a portrait or a tiny guitar, go for it! 😀

Here are two of the drawings I’ve done. A third is a Christmas gift so I’ll have to wait til next week to post it. <3

Pet Portraits Abound!

I’ve been working all summer on lots of pet portraits! Here are just a few of them 🙂
Commissions are open for pet and human drawings! Please visit my request page for more information!

Twilight Sad / Copeland Guitars Miniature!

I still have several of these tiny Jazzmasters left!
They are numbered, limited edition, and approved by The Twilight Sad.
These miniatures are handmade: cut from the original block of wood from which Andy’s real guitar was cut, “painted with fire” just like the real guitar, and finished with spar varnish for extra protection. I can send out just a mini guitar to set on a shelf, or I can attach a ring so it can be turned into a pendant/rearview mirror decoration/etc.

$20 from each guitar sale will go to MIND UK, in honour of Scott Hutchison.

Postage included, these are $40ea within the US, or $46 worldwide.

US order via PayPal | WORLDWIDE order via PayPal

The “painted with fire” miniature, without pendant ring.

Brand new site design & branding!

I’ve cleaned up and brightened my website! The galleries are easier to view, and I’ve made it simple for anyone to request custom art!
This redesign also involves new branding, so you’ll notice matching graphics around my social media and shop sites – and soon I’ll be getting new business cards printed.

I hope this big cheerful site design is pleasing for all who view it! 🙂

Kat <3