The Doctor is In (and Other Musings)

It’s a good sign I have too many Doctor Who novels when I buy one at Powell’s, get home, and see that I already have that title.
But they’re all so good! I only have a few of the ‘past Doctor’ novels, mostly 10… if I bought all the other novels I’d never get my medical bills paid. There are literally hundreds. 73 for the Eighth Doctor alone. Yeesh.

Today was kind of interesting. I went downtown to deposit a check (yay website clients!) and run a few errands. As I waited to cross Taylor, I saw a very cute boy looking at me. He was right in front of me, coming from my right, and he just kept staring as he walked by. Then I noticed he was holding the hand of another really cute boy. Hence the ‘really cute’ status..
They got to the sidewalk on the left of me, a few feet away, and the first boy actually turned his boyfriend round to look at me, and they were commenting about something, I have no idea what. They seemed to like whatever it was.. my Muse shirt? My necklace? My red RayBans? My hugely fluffy burgundy hair? I dunno, it was strange. LOL
I crossed the street when the signal changed, and wondered to myself.

Went to Office Depot to grab an ergonomic wrist rest for my mousie, and then to Powell’s to pick up my special-ordered book and the new DW Magazine (the girl who is to play the 11th Doctor’s assistant is really cute – I think she’ll look quite nice on screen with Matt).

Walked back down to the bus stop to go home, and as I stood there against a plain grey wall, I noticed a guy with a tripod sneaking a picture of me from across the street. WTF? I looked around, and I was the only one there aside from a chubby boy in a basketball jersey. There was nothing of note behind me, just the grey wall and a RadioShack sign. So strange. Again – probably my hair. 😛

I really don’t think this is worth gawking at..