International Shopping Hijinks!

My best friend ordered an Ironside Dalek toy from Forbidden Planet in England. It was on backorder for a few months, but they finally sent a shipment last week. She had it sent to my house, as hers isn’t as reliable for leaving packages on the porch.

However, when it arrived here, I could immediately tell it wasn’t a Dalek. It was a book.
We opened it up, and inside the padded envelope was a thin cardstock envelope. Inside THAT was a packing slip – for an Ironside Dalek. But with the packing slip was a signed copy of Simon Pegg’s new autobiography. LOL

Now that’s what I call a warehouse error. Right packing slip, obviously in the WRONG packaging with a totally incorrect item.

I emailed Forbidden Planet for her, saying they sent the wrong item, but that I was also interested in keeping the book, and asked if there was a way I could pay for it on my card.

Reminds me of the time when Verizon stuck the mobile phones Mom and I had ordered into a box, AND included some dude’s Chocolate phone, which was supposed to go to Jersey.

Someone’s been smokin da ganja.

At any rate, I’m going to Twitter to Mr Pegg tonight, and accuse him of switching the items out himself. After all, he was just at the Forbidden Planet signing.

Feeling: nerdy nerdy.

David Twelve-Inch

I love “accidental” eBay purchases.

As most of you probably know, I am a complete, geeky Whovian. I have a large and growing collection of Doctor Who action figures and toys.
Along with the 5″ action figures, the company also made a limited line of 12″ dolls – completely articulated so you can pose them.

A friend threatened to get one of them for me last birthday, but I declined, as they are a bit creepy and cost way too much.

I found one on eBay last week. The starting bid was super cheap, and I thought, “why not?? I’ll bid a few quid on it just for the fun, and someone will end up paying a huge amount for the silly doll. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if…”

So, yeah. The auction ended at £3.15.

I now have a giant David Tennant action figure on my desk. LMAO!
Aside from being ever so slightly crosseyed (a fixable factory mistake), it looks a LOT like him. The shape of his nose is absolutely perfect, down to the crookedness and the oddly-shaped flat spot on the bridge. I’ve drawn David, I know his face a little too well. hahah.


I laugh every time I look at the silly thing. omg. He’s going to be hidden in plain sight somewhere for next time my friend comes over, just to freak her out. *grin*

he looks slightly disturbed.

Feeling: amused highly amused!


So. A somewhat crappy year is ending for me in approximately 9 hours.

Ten begins.

And in the morning, I will watch Ten’s ending.
Yes, boys and girls, I refer to the last episode of Doctor Who starring the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. The writing, the direction, and most of all David’s acting, will have me crying. David is far too good at the sad scenes.
But I look forward to seeing Matt Smith on the show. I think he can do it, and he’ll do it in his own special way, and it will be brilliant. No, he isn’t as attractive as David. But that doesn’t mean he can’t act, for gods’ sake. I have been so irritated by all the girls online who are saying really hurtful things about Matt simply because he doesn’t fit their pattern of ‘cute’. He is a very good actor, he is a very sweet person, and he is a human being. Matt probably wouldn’t give most of those girls a second look either, so .. stuff it.
Gah. Just had to have a little rant about that.


What else to post about? I have no life. 😛
I finished my elbow-length, fingerless gloves. I still haven’t taken a picture of them. So for now I’ll just say that they look like this, but mine are dark charcoal grey.

That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. Knitting.

Oh yeah, we had a freak snowstorm here in Portland on Tuesday. And my friend & I still went downtown to meet up for a few hours! Ha! Buses were sliding all over the place because they weren’t prepared with tyre chains. One of the smaller buses slid sideways and slammed into a tree about 15 feet from me at the transit center. Kind of scary. But the snow was beautiful, and a lot of fun to walk in. On my way home, I stopped at an un-trodden place in a schoolyard and stepped out a huge MUSE logo and took pictures of it. Still haven’t posted it on their messageboard. lol. I am geek, hear me roar.

Happy Geekmas!

My Christmas display, freshly finished.
Heeeee heehehe.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

That’s only half of my Doctor Who collection too.. the other ones didn’t get quite the festivities that these did. And yes, the 3rd Doctor is sonicking a light.

The Oncoming Storm

I went for my regular checkup at the rheumatologist yesterday. Seems such a waste to go there, have the nurse confirm that I am indeed still on the same medications, have the doctor ask how things are, say they’re the same, have the doctor say great see you in 4 months bye. Oh well, she’s a really nice girl anyway. She reminds me somehow of my sister.
After that I went and got my labs done, oh boy. Needle in the arm and pee in a cup! Love it. The girl managed to scratch me with the needle too, but it’s just a tiny superficial thing. Didn’t notice until I took the tape off. Taking the tape off hurts far worse than the needle does. 😛

I learned from my doctor that that hospital has been out of seasonal flu vaccines for weeks, and is not getting any more. They are also out of the H1N1 vaccine, and she has no idea when they’ll be getting more of that. I’m now on a waiting list, and they are supposed to call me when they get to me. I wasn’t going to bother with the H1N1 thing, but more and more people with compromised immune systems are hospitalised or dying from breathing problems – so I suppose I don’t really want to go through that. Sigh. Can’t be giving anything like that to my frail old grandmother either.

I haven’t really been up to much lately. It’s cold and rainy and that seems to have made me really lethargic, not to mention my joints being too damned sore.
Finished a HUGE book today, ‘Imajica’ by Clive Barker. It took a little longer to read just because Clive is so wordy. But I loved the story. If you’re into dark fantasy (with a little bit of really strange erotica) and feel like absorbing 800+ pages, I highly recommend it.
Started another Doctor Who novel, and I’m really loving it too. I read half of it before I logged in to LJ. The DW novels are a lot easier to read, but this particular author is an excellent writer, and this story is a bit darker. Excellent after seeing The Waters of Mars.
By the way, after watching Waters of Mars, I am even more in awe of David Tennant’s acting abilities, and that says a lot. The man is absolutely brilliant. And the direction, and the writing…! Call me pathetic, but I literally could not speak at the end of the episode. I really want to find out how they’re going to explain and end this whole mess. But I really don’t want it to end. I am too addicted to the show the way it is. We shall see…

I have a picture ready for a new portrait, but I haven’t felt really into it yet. It’s a gorgeous picture. I ordered a backissue of a magazine specifically for said picture. Guh. I’ve decided I’ll do this one in graphite, because I can get sharper detail with that than I can with coloured pencils. This picture needs sharpness.

Too cold, must make some tea or something.

The Doctor is In (and Other Musings)

It’s a good sign I have too many Doctor Who novels when I buy one at Powell’s, get home, and see that I already have that title.
But they’re all so good! I only have a few of the ‘past Doctor’ novels, mostly 10… if I bought all the other novels I’d never get my medical bills paid. There are literally hundreds. 73 for the Eighth Doctor alone. Yeesh.

Today was kind of interesting. I went downtown to deposit a check (yay website clients!) and run a few errands. As I waited to cross Taylor, I saw a very cute boy looking at me. He was right in front of me, coming from my right, and he just kept staring as he walked by. Then I noticed he was holding the hand of another really cute boy. Hence the ‘really cute’ status..
They got to the sidewalk on the left of me, a few feet away, and the first boy actually turned his boyfriend round to look at me, and they were commenting about something, I have no idea what. They seemed to like whatever it was.. my Muse shirt? My necklace? My red RayBans? My hugely fluffy burgundy hair? I dunno, it was strange. LOL
I crossed the street when the signal changed, and wondered to myself.

Went to Office Depot to grab an ergonomic wrist rest for my mousie, and then to Powell’s to pick up my special-ordered book and the new DW Magazine (the girl who is to play the 11th Doctor’s assistant is really cute – I think she’ll look quite nice on screen with Matt).

Walked back down to the bus stop to go home, and as I stood there against a plain grey wall, I noticed a guy with a tripod sneaking a picture of me from across the street. WTF? I looked around, and I was the only one there aside from a chubby boy in a basketball jersey. There was nothing of note behind me, just the grey wall and a RadioShack sign. So strange. Again – probably my hair. 😛

I really don’t think this is worth gawking at..