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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

What the FUCK do some people think they’re doing? Reading comments on bands’ pages and forums.. some idiots will take any opportunity they can to say incredibly rude things to the groups they are supposedly hardcore fans of. Selling out. Only interested in money. Fucking the wrong chick. Whatever. Do these morons think they somehow have rights, and can control the lives of these celebrities? If they met them in person, I bet most of these people would be nearly speechless and shaking in the presence of their idols, but with the protection of their LCD backlit screens and keyboards, they will say whatever inane, evil drivel comes to their puny minds.

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The Boys of Biffy Clyro are Love.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

So, I finished this pendant the other day,

of Simon Neil’s signature, if oddly coloured, Strat. I had the immense pleasure of meeting the band two days after finishing this pendant, and I gave him the one pictured here. He was genuinely thrilled to have it, and I got many hugs and smiles. He signed the back of my pendant. Yay! Unfortunately I did not get a picture of him with it.
..Sculpey Premo! clay, acrylic paints and varnishes. Yes, the pick guard is a very pale mint green. Finished 28 May 2011.

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