International Shopping Hijinks!

My best friend ordered an Ironside Dalek toy from Forbidden Planet in England. It was on backorder for a few months, but they finally sent a shipment last week. She had it sent to my house, as hers isn’t as reliable for leaving packages on the porch.

However, when it arrived here, I could immediately tell it wasn’t a Dalek. It was a book.
We opened it up, and inside the padded envelope was a thin cardstock envelope. Inside THAT was a packing slip – for an Ironside Dalek. But with the packing slip was a signed copy of Simon Pegg’s new autobiography. LOL

Now that’s what I call a warehouse error. Right packing slip, obviously in the WRONG packaging with a totally incorrect item.

I emailed Forbidden Planet for her, saying they sent the wrong item, but that I was also interested in keeping the book, and asked if there was a way I could pay for it on my card.

Reminds me of the time when Verizon stuck the mobile phones Mom and I had ordered into a box, AND included some dude’s Chocolate phone, which was supposed to go to Jersey.

Someone’s been smokin da ganja.

At any rate, I’m going to Twitter to Mr Pegg tonight, and accuse him of switching the items out himself. After all, he was just at the Forbidden Planet signing.

Feeling: nerdy nerdy.

Still Life With Bichon

I wish dogs understood the concept of “tomorrow.” This pup has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety. Dad left for his hip replacement surgery 2 hours ago, and the dog is still whining, and doesn’t care about anything else. He’s calmed down a little, at least. And he’ll probably start looking for Dad again at 5, as if he had gone to work. whee..
Was going to go back to sleep, but the dog is not permitting that. So here I am with the computer on the sofa.
Headache, as usual.

So yeah. I’m up here, at my Dad’s house, for two weeks or so. He has degenerative arthritis (a family trait, oh boy!) which is why he already had to have his right hip replaced 15 years ago. The left hip is ground down to just about nothing – his surgeon was amazed that Dad is still walking at all.
All this worries me a bit, since I have this lovely pain in my neck/spine/shoulder nearly all the time. I can’t afford to get a scan to see what’s going on in there, but when I had a MRI a few years ago to check on my migraines, my neurologist could see a bit of arthritis at the edge of the pictures, in my neck.
Anyway. Dad will be home tomorrow, probably. He’ll be on crutches for six weeks. He’ll spend the next few days in bed, I imagine. We’re all stocked up on food and supplies. So I get to cook yummy food (except he has an electric stove, blah) and bring him his pills. He bought a nice comfy recliner on Sunday, but it won’t be delivered until Saturday. When the chair arrives, the TV in here will be on all the time. It’s a huge screen (60″) and super bright, so it aggravates my headaches. I have to leave the room sometimes. :/

Before I left home, I put some of my favourite Doctor Who episodes on the hard drive, and packed my fav Muse concert DVDs. The sound on this laptop is terrible, but it will have to do. Most of those DVDs are in PAL format, and won’t work in the BluRay player. And this computer doesn’t have any video output.
I have my iPod, and a couple of books. The one I’m reading now is by Tom Robbins – Still Life With Woodpecker. I will leave you with a quote on the previous page.

“Actually, the rain has many uses. It prevents the blood and the sea from becoming too salty. It administers knockout drops to unruly violets. It manufactures the ladder that neon climbs to the moon. A seeker can go into the Great Northwest rain and bring back the Name he needs.”

The Strike

Yes! I do support the Writers Guild.
I wish them all the best, I know that many of them really could be considered “starving artists”, and I think that they deserve any raise and recognition they can get. Also, I don’t watch enough television to make the reruns bother me. 😉

So here’s to you, Writers!!
*sips cocoa*


This site was loading incredibly slowly, and I finally decided to experiment with plugins, because I knew that some plugin must be causing the delay. Lo and behold, the thing sped way up when I deactivated Bad Behaviour. Don’t know what in that script would be tying things up, but it appears that it was. So now I’m trying out Akismet.

Speaking of slow, I think snails are amusing. And I found a Swatch watch with snails on! Isn’t it cute?! Heehee. It’s called Schneckentempo. I’ve wanted a Swatch since high school, when my friend worked there. I’ve always had a fascination with clocks and watches for some reason. This thing has a nice hefty *TICK* to it too, which is fun.

I’ve adopted a new pet fishie as well. He’s a beautiful Betta, and fairly young. Has a great personality for a fishie.. active but not crazy like the one that was next to him on the shop shelf. He stares at me when I stare at him. 😛


Just watched ‘Everything is Illuminated.’ I liked it. I can see, though, why it didn’t do well commercially. Someone who was watching it without having first read the novel would be kind of lost, and probably think it a bit sappy. The book, of course, was MUCH better – there was an entire back story that wasn’t even hinted upon in the film, and I don’t think it really could have been. Jonathan Safran Foer has a writing style all his own, and they never could have translated that. Would have made the movie really confusing and 6 hours long too.. heh.
By the way, if you haven’t read Everything is Illuminated, I really think you should. Damn good book. So is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, though that one’s a bit more depressing. Phenomenal writing though, worth every minute spent.

Think I’ll go read now. 🙂


I’m finally getting around to cleaning up and cataloging the records and CDs I’ve bought over the past couple of months. I still absolutely adore my Media Shelf script, thanks to Jenny at! I’ve been using it for a long time now and never had a problem with it. And it’s so handy for being a geek like myself! Heh.
Anyway, I remembered that it includes an RSS feed, so I dorkily added my latest music additions to the sidebar over there, above the Recent Tracks bit. Now you can see what I buy and what I listen to! Like you really wanted to know.

I am thinking of getting brave and trying my hand at coding up a little Currently widget. I don’t know why, but I miss having my current mood, surf, book, thought, food, whatever, proudly displayed. I’ve seen a plugin that displays current mood on each post, but I’d like to have a sidebar version, update-able whenever. The only thing is, I’m not looking forward to sharing it and getting all the support requests and finding out there’s an injection flaw or something… it’s worth a try though. And since I have WP installed as a testing ground on my local machine, I don’t have to sit here and upload the files a billion times! Yay.

Also, I love having a random quote displayed now, but I wish there was a page where someone could read them all. Maybe even submit. Like the old PHPquotes script which is now dead. Waah! My silly little gadgets are gone.

In other nerdy news, I got my Jareth the Goblin King figurine today. It’s pretty detailed! You can even see the tiny stitches in his little gloved fingers. And he has a tiny crystal ball, which I’m halfway thinking about supergluing to his fingers, because I know it’s going to get lost one of these days. ::hearts::


I have been buying entirely too much yarn lately. This knitting thing is a terrible habit. Hah!
I’m currently working on a really simple but really neat scarf, made of 7 different colours of tweed wool in four long strips. It’s going quickly, which is nice, because I wanted to have this scarf immediately, which is why I bought the pattern book I found on the table in the shop and why I bought 7 balls of wool yarn on a whim! Yeesh.

Also, I’ve bought some different colours of plain worsted wool yarn, and have made myself a little pattern for felted iPod cosys! I’m thinking I’ll sell a few, at least to friends. I’ll put them online with my buttons and maybe a couple handbags.
If anyone happens by this post, feel free to comment with colour suggestions! Even if you’re not going to buy one.. I have weird tastes compared to some. *lol*

Other than the knitting…. I have a new job! And it looks like it’ll be a really good one! The people are great, the job is something that will keep me busy, and it’s stuff I know how to do. And – it’s not a receptionist position! Heh. I start Monday… wish me luck! 😀