Duran Duran!

So, those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will have seen my periodic txt updates during the Duran Duran show tonight.

I didn’t bring my good camera because I didn’t want to risk it if they weren’t allowed – miffed to learn cameras were allowed. Oh well. My cell phone got a few OK ones, at least until it got dark, then it started picking up too much stage lighting and the guys just look like blurry apparitions.
Also, I don’t have my microSD card adapter with me in Seattle, so I have to look at the rest of the photos when I get back home.. I e-mailed two of them to myself at .25 each. 😛 The pictures are crap – I was close enough that I could see Nick’s eyeshadow, but the pictures make it look like I was a mile back. Bleh.

I saw the guys pull up in their black Suburban, and I could make out Simon in his vest through the fencing. Pretty soon they arrived onstage. Simon’s shirt was really nice, it kind of had dip-dyed sleeves. Everyone looked really great.

Our seats were quite close, 5th row back, at the right corner of the stage. I had a great view of Nick – yaaay! Poor fellow has a broken foot somehow – how did that happen?

At the beginning of Notorious, a bunch of people stormed up to the stage and stayed there.. the security staff didn’t bother making them leave. However, they didn’t let anyone else up, which sucked. I stayed back at my Section D Row D (heh, DD) seat and tried to take photos from there.
At one point during the song, John sauntered over to my side of the stage. He looked like he was already having a really great time. 😀 (You girls may notice something about Simon there… sheeze. *lol*)

Simon did a bit of talking between songs, and during songs, incredibly cheeky. Moreso than the last time I saw them. Someone threw their panties onstage and simon said “oh dear, aren’t you a little cold now?” *lol*

At one point, Simon started talking about “we like to bring some old stuff out of our wardrobe of music sometimes.. and sometimes we pull out a skeleton. Well we found a skeleton, and put a little meat on its bones. It’s the first time this band has ever played this song on a stage. ….. should I announce it?” *SCREAMS FROM AUDIENCE* “…. The song is… Election Day.”

I just about lost it then. Election Day!!!! The boys playing an Arcadia song on stage for the first time EVER – and the song was SO excellent. I can’t even describe seeing Simon singing that song about 25 feet from me. Just .. pure bliss.

We had a few good JoSi moments…

Toward the end of the main set I had slowly sneaked my way out of my assigned area and across the aisle to an empty space closer to centre, and front row. The pictures came out slightly closer, but not much. I could see Simon’s eyes sparkling.

The encore started with Dom playing a familiar tune on his guitar, and then Simon slowly walked out – wearing black trousers, white shirt with black buttons, white tux jacket, and bowtie. Again – I almost lost it. *lol* A View to a Kill – the coolest version I have ever heard. It started out quietly and simon’s voice was very chilling against the faint synth noises. I wish I had a recording of it.

During Planet Earth, John yelled “Alright you fuckers, get your hands in the air!” *lol*

The setlist (I actually noted it in my phone this time!):

Wild Boys
Union of the Snake
Nite Runner
I Don’t Want Your Love
Save a Prayer
Red Carpet Massacre
Election Day (still can’t believe they played this!!)
Come Undone
The Reflex
The Chauffeur
Do You Believe in Shame
Ordinary World
Hungry Like the Wolf
A View to a Kill
Planet Earth
Girls on Film (w/ Freak Out!)

As they were about to leave the stage, Simon did the usual announcement of who plays what, he screamed at us WHAT’S MY NAME?! and we answered SIMON! over and over – he clearly loved it, of course. Then when everyone was named, he said “and we are Duran Duran: the band designed to make your breasts bigger!!!”

They walked away to much drunken screaming…
Goodbye til next time, boys.

I got my new favourite DD shirt.. will post a pic of that and more photos of the show once I get them all off my phone.

Sorry for the boring description, I’m not good at stories… just know that I have died of happiness. 🙂