I have had the wonderful privilege of making miniature guitars for two of my favourite musicians, Mike Vennart [Oceansize, British Theatre, Biffy Clyro] and JP Reid [Sucioperro, Medals, Marmaduke Duke].

Mike’s “old piece of shit” Stratocaster:

JP’s three main guitars:


I AM {X}

This past weekend was one of the best experiences I have had, all thanks to a bunch of friends, and an amazing band called IAMX.
I had, of course, made necklaces – and my friend Sioux very kindly passed one of them on to Chris Corner for me.

She told me that Chris really liked it, and band member SammiDoll made some pretty fun comments about my own necklace the next day. 😀

Biffy Clyro in Seattle

On Monday, 11 February 2013, Biffy Clyro played a tiny acoustic show in Seattle. Of course I brought pendants for the boys, and their super sweet tour manager. I gave the pendants to Neil before the set started, and he was absolutely grateful. He gave the pendants to the boys before the show, and they thanked me after the set, and I got many hugs.
They may have just received #1 album in the UK, and they may be the best musicians ever, but they are still the sweetest bearded Scots you will ever meet. <3

Simon’s violin-burst Stratocaster:

Ben’s kick drum:

James’ signature Jazz Bass:

Simon smashed one of his electric acoustics when it stopped working, and Neil gave me a very nice chunk of it. I also got Ben’s setlist.

Thanks, Biffy Clyro, for a WONDERFUL evening.

Another new pendant!

This lovely guitar belongs to Mikkel Jakobsen, who fronts a really great band called The Foreign Resort. You should check them out.


This Ping thing is kind of useless so far, in my opinion. For those who don’t know, it’s the beginning of Apples iTunes ‘social networking’ idea. At least I hope it’s the beginning – there really isn’t much to it, so far. But I am following a couple of bands and two people on it. lol.

One of those people is Benjamin Cook, one of the cooler writers for Doctor Who Magazine. I have been following him on Twitter for a while, because he’s a witty and funny fellow. He posted his Ping link there, so hey.

And look here! haha..

Benjamin started following Weezer. (yesterday at 3:06 pm)
Kathryn – Hi, Benjamin. You have just reminded me that I haven’t heard anything but Weezer’s first album. 15 years? I really must check them out. *shameful sigh* (yesterday at 3:36 pm)
Benjamin – Hooray! Ping works! 😀 😀 xx (yesterday at 6:55 pm)

lol. And he posted on twitter that he was still oblivious to Ping’s potential.
Well, I still am, but whatever. hahah

Feeling: full of coffee full of coffee!


I find the human brain and nervous system fascinating. Especially in this area: music.
So many of us always have a song stuck in our heads.
I call mine the Mental Jukebox.
And if it’s been too long since I fed a song number in, the Jukebox always reverts to Demo Mode. And Demo Mode is the Sesame Street theme song. LOL! Yes, friends, ’tis true. I guess because I grew up watching that show, it’s the first song really embedded in my synapses, and there it has stayed for 28 years. If I start hearing it, I know it’s time to whip out the iPod.

Also, muscle memory. How is it that we (well, some of us) are able to think of a note, contract a few tiny muscles and things, and belt out a D flat? It’s such a strange thought to me. Whistling, too. How do we figure out to the point of autonomy, where the tongue and lips have to be positioned to get a tune going?

So weird.


On another note (har har):
Our Verizon contract expires and will be renewed in a month or so.
I have an EnV2 now. I adore this phone. So, naturally, I have been planning on getting the EnV3 to replace it with our New-Every-Two deal (nice discounts on contract renewal).
But, then, I found out that Verizon requires at least the $10/month data package with any 3G phone now.
So I started looking around, and am now interested in the Droid Eris. It’s actually the same price as the EnV3 right now. And so many more features. BUT – do I really want full internet access on my mobile phone? I might never put the damned thing down.
Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Experience with either phone? Suggestions?

Howard Jones!

Howard Jones is such a sweet heart.

His show this evening was phenomenal. The last two years, he has done all acoustic. This time he had a short acoustic set and then a longer one with two other musicians, and electronic. He played some new tunes, and revamped some old ones to add a bit more power. He even covered the Killers song ‘Human’! It was absolutely gorgeous with Howard singing.. his voice is well suited to the song.

This time I had my real camera, and got a LOT of really good shots, especially during the electronic set, because we were standing at the stage and I set the camera on the stage & pointed it up at him, zoomed in. I love my camera.

Just a few of the 160+ shots I kept:
One . Two . Three . Four . Five . Six

At intermission before the electronic set, the guy next to us said “hey! You went to Milwaukie!” – it was Mr. Bjorn, one of our teachers. LOL He was there with his wife, and they were rocking out. So funny to see him at a concert… :}

At the beginning of the second verse of one song (I can’t think of the title to save my life, but it’s an oldie) he started to sing, and the mic died. He smacked it a few times, tried it again, swore, waited for a techie to come out with a new mic – and no techie. Howard was not a happy man. He pointed at his bandmates to continue the song and keep the audience busy, and went backstage. It took another 2 full minutes for a techie to come out with a new mic – absolutely crap. Poor Howard. But he came out and started where they had left off, since the other two people had continued the song pattern. It was kind of scary seeing Howard upset.

He seemed to be having a lot of fun the rest of the show though, being all smiles and joking around as usual. He was talking about how the three of them were a trio, but when you say “trio” you usually think of a jazz combo. He started thinking aloud of new words for them, like “trio electronic” or “the electronic troix”, and one guy behind me yelled “electrio!” Howard liked that one. “Yeah, that’s it! Electrio! ..and we can all go on an Electronisy together.” *lol*

After the show we stuck around for a while, and sure enough, his manager came out and told us few stragglers that we were to meet up in the foyer. Howard appeared shortly after for autographs. No pictures with him this time, as they were leaving tonight and didn’t have the time. But, when it was my turn in queue, he grinned and said “Hi! How are you?” lol. I said “wonderful!” and asked how he was doing, and he shyly said “oh, I’m great!” He signed my tour book while I voiced the usual “thanks for coming back to Portland, it was lovely to see you again” stuff, and he quietly answered “yes, thank you, glad you came..”. When he was done signing, I put my hand on his shoulder and told him to enjoy the rest of his evening. *lol* I’m such a dork. But he smiled sweetly and said thanks.
It’s so cute being right next to him.. he’s not too much taller than me, and just a little bit pudgy. :} His eyes are a very interesting mixture of grey/hazel.. really pretty.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening. I’m so glad Howard loves Portland, and the Aladdin Theatre in particular – the staff there are generally really nice.
Howard just finished a new album, so he’ll probably be back in less than a year. Hee!