I had a few requests to make Matt Bellamy’s WarChild charity auction guitar into a necklace. And I posted it on Twitter and things kind of exploded. heh!

I have added this pendant to my Etsy shop, and I will make them as they are ordered – please allow up to three weeks for me to create the tiny guitar and mail it out. This one is quite difficult to paint.
Each pendant is $40US – with half going to WarChild in honour of Matt’s contribution, and the other half covering my own costs and shipping.

Please note that this has nothing to do with Manson, Muse or Matt Bellamy himself – he’s probably seen it by now thanks to the internets, but no one is endorsing this. I am merely making a good thing out of my crafting abilities. 🙂


I hope this won’t seem egotistical or bitchy.. those who know me, know that I am not like that. In fact I don’t think much of myself or what I do, which is why I am posting this:
I just entered ship dates into my last two orders in my spreadsheet, and in looking at the list of recent pendant orders (and gifts), had to laugh and say REALLY?? because included in the list are Anderson, Neil. Bellamy, Matt. Johnston, Ben. Johnston, James. Neil, Simon. Wolstenholme, Chris.
It’s surreal. I mean, I only got to give my silly miniature guitars (and drum) to four of those people in person, but they were so gracious and thankful. Lord knows what any of them did with my gifts, but – it’s just kind of fun. 😀
And let us not forget the wonderful thanks and help that I get from The Foreign Resort when they so enthusiastically share my work at their shows. <3
Music makes the world go round.

Matt Bellamy Has Too Many Guitars.

I swear he’s challenging me to keep up with his arsenal…

A few examples of the last month’s work.

MUSE | The Red Carbon.

MUSE | The black glitter 7-string.

BIFFY CLYRO | Simon’s new matte black Manson.

The Rust Relic

A guitar that Matt Bellamy of Muse had custom built some years ago, but then never used in any public appearance.

New and Improved!

MUSE | The new and improved Glitterati. I have decided to stop using molds for the bodies, as they never turn out right. Also, I did the glitter swirls on this one instead of all-over sparkle. Sculpey clay, acrylic paints, glitter nail polish, polyurethane varnish. Finished 30 July 2012.

The WolstenRicker

Another new pendant!
Hello there, Rick – you took your sweet time showing up.
Finally finished this one. The only trouble is, since the body is small and the headstock is huge in relation to it, the thing hangs a little to the right. But we all know they’re never straight. 😉
Sculpey Premo! clay, acrylic paints and varnishes. Finished 15 September 2011.

WolstenRicker pendant

New Pendants!

Three new guitar pendants have been added to Art and, of course, the Shop!

Also, I now have a Dremel tool for (hopefully) easier cutting of mirrored plastic and stuff. I haven’t tried it out yet. Wish me luck!