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The Saga Continues!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

If you read my previous post, you will know what is going on.
If you haven’t, here’s the short version:

Friend ordered an item from Forbidden Planet in UK. Had order shipped to my house, as packages can’t be shipped to her residence. Package was not what she ordered – they had sent Simon Pegg’s autobiography instead. I decided to keep the book, because I’ve been thinking about buying it before this happened.

Nerd Do Well
The Culprit.

So. I went ahead and placed an order with Forbidden Planet to pay for the Simon Pegg autibio, because I wanted to read it. As soon as I had my order confirmation number, I sent them an email.

Hello! I am writing to inform you that THIS ITEM HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED TO ME.
This was an accidental shipment sent to my friend ( refer to transaction code 50055083 made with, already refunded to her). I was thinking about purchasing this book anyway, so we asked via her email transactions if I could just order it on the website. I was told that I could.
Please don’t send the book again! :)
Thanks, and have a great day.


Two days pass. …They didn’t get my above email.

Hi, Katherine _____

Your order number: 50063370

Thank you for your order.

A response is required before we can proceed.

—– 2184593 Nerd Do Well (Hardcover) x 1 (Queried – International Shipping – Awaiting confirmation)

The shipping charge for your entire order will be GBP £ 9.00

The total of your entire order including the shipping rate will be GBP £ 25.99………

Ouch. That shipping price is pretty high! Good thing I already have this book.
So I reply..

This order has already been shipped to me – quite by accident. I had been thinking about ordering this book anyway, and then it was sent instead of what my best friend ordered. I decided to pay for the book, since we already had it!
Please see transaction # 50055083 made with, already refunded to her. She had ordered an Ironside Dalek, but was sent the book by mistake.


I guess I can see “since we already had it” as being somewhat confusing there.
The weekend passes. Today I receive another email.

Hi Kathryn

Would you like to go ahead with the second book then or cancel the order? I do remember your original emails but the system would have automatically sent out a new request, hence numerous emails for you!

Very best and Kind Regards,
Mail Order Team

Forbidden Planet Mail Order

…*sigh*. LOL.

I just sent this back to them:

No, I was just told to create an order online to pay for the book that we were already sent. My friend was refunded the 7.99 for the Dalek she didn’t get.
In order to read the book we were accidentally sent, I placed this order to pay for it on my own card. I’m not ordering a second book, just paying for the one that is currently sitting on my shelf, because I wish to read it without guilt. :)
I just wanted to let you know that you don’t have to send anything to me at all, just charge for the book (and hopefully not the spendy s&p since I already have it!)


We will see if they understand when they get that message. I will try making it absolutely crystal clear if they don’t – after that, I may as well just tell them to cancel the order, and keep the book anyway.
Ahhhhh fun. If I had enough time left on my calling card, I’d just explain over the phone. ha!

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International Shopping Hijinks!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

My best friend ordered an Ironside Dalek toy from Forbidden Planet in England. It was on backorder for a few months, but they finally sent a shipment last week. She had it sent to my house, as hers isn’t as reliable for leaving packages on the porch.

However, when it arrived here, I could immediately tell it wasn’t a Dalek. It was a book.
We opened it up, and inside the padded envelope was a thin cardstock envelope. Inside THAT was a packing slip – for an Ironside Dalek. But with the packing slip was a signed copy of Simon Pegg’s new autobiography. LOL

Now that’s what I call a warehouse error. Right packing slip, obviously in the WRONG packaging with a totally incorrect item.

I emailed Forbidden Planet for her, saying they sent the wrong item, but that I was also interested in keeping the book, and asked if there was a way I could pay for it on my card.

Reminds me of the time when Verizon stuck the mobile phones Mom and I had ordered into a box, AND included some dude’s Chocolate phone, which was supposed to go to Jersey.

Someone’s been smokin da ganja.

At any rate, I’m going to Twitter to Mr Pegg tonight, and accuse him of switching the items out himself. After all, he was just at the Forbidden Planet signing.

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Sunday, September 5th, 2010

This Ping thing is kind of useless so far, in my opinion. For those who don’t know, it’s the beginning of Apples iTunes ‘social networking’ idea. At least I hope it’s the beginning – there really isn’t much to it, so far. But I am following a couple of bands and two people on it. lol.

One of those people is Benjamin Cook, one of the cooler writers for Doctor Who Magazine. I have been following him on Twitter for a while, because he’s a witty and funny fellow. He posted his Ping link there, so hey.

And look here! haha..

Benjamin started following Weezer. (yesterday at 3:06 pm)
Kathryn – Hi, Benjamin. You have just reminded me that I haven’t heard anything but Weezer’s first album. 15 years? I really must check them out. *shameful sigh* (yesterday at 3:36 pm)
Benjamin – Hooray! Ping works! :D :D xx (yesterday at 6:55 pm)

lol. And he posted on twitter that he was still oblivious to Ping’s potential.
Well, I still am, but whatever. hahah

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