well, i got my bike yesterday! *glee*!
…and went on a DAMN long christening ride. i thought my friend & i would do a nice 2-mile ride around the waterfront esplanade.. but we ended up going down a trail and halfway through town on an 8-mile ride!
it’s been a few years since i really rode a bike, and i’m pretty out-of-shape…

my leeeeegs! i took some nice painkillers so it doesn’t hurt to walk at the moment, but i’m still pretty weak.. heh.

one of these days i’ll be able to handle even the hills! ^_^;

new wheels

i got a free bicycle a few days ago from an old friend. it had been sitting outside of their apartment for months, and outside at the previous owner’s place for however long before that. so it’s in need of a tune-up, but that’s cheaper than buying a whole new bike! well, the price sticker that is still on this bike says $89, so it’s not -much- cheaper, but where, nowadays, would i find a bike like this one?? it’s bright pink with shimmery splatters all over, and the best part: the cable sleeves (for brakes, etc) are silver holographic sparkly! heehee. it’s so me.
there are a few dings in the paint, the tires are a bit worn, the plastic guard behind the gear changer on the back wheel is cracked, the front reflector is bent.. oh well. the chain is dried out and slightly rusted in a couple spots and the brakes need work. a bike shop recommended to me by a coworker would charge a base price of $60 plus any needed parts.. i imagine it needs new brake pads and tires. that’s not bad. might save me $20/month on bus tickets, at least for the summer.. it’s handy living a mile from work. plus the route has no hills. ^_^;

the weather is lovely today.. supposed to get up to around 80°! *happy*

speaking of weather, i think i might install a few more useless plugins on wp this evening, including a local weather gadget. why? dunno. because it’s there. 😛


haven’t done much at all lately.. online or off. got a wisdom tooth pulled almost two weeks ago, got a slight cold-like thing from that (he didn’t give me antibiotics).. and a few days after that went away, i got a -real- cold. *sigh*.
lost my voice thursday night, and it’s now sunday evening and it’s still half-gone. and i answered the phone all day at work like this! heh.

mmm chocolate.

button button who’s got the button?

i do!
a lot of them, in fact!

anyway! i got myself a lovely little button maker, and i’ve made several designs, and i’m selling buttons for $1 each (shipping included). all buttons are 1″ diameter. i do plan on getting a larger machine (probably 1-1/4″) in the future.. it’d be better for band logos and such.

if you’re curious, you can visit my little shop and have a look-see! and feel free to order one or two if you want. 😉

more designs to come as i have spare time!



i’m happy to see that my website looks just as spiffy on a mac! *lol*
i got an old g3 powermac from a friend, and this is the first time i’ve seen my new layout on it. kind of matches my graphite colouring too!
now to check on my fanlistings…

just wanted to say hi. 🙂

they really need to pass a law…

i have been personally affected by the stupidity of driving while you have a cell phone (and your hand) glued to your ear.
didn’t get hurt at all, it was just a tap and a shove, but i got hit by a SUV today.
the full story is at my livejournal.