haven’t done much at all lately.. online or off. got a wisdom tooth pulled almost two weeks ago, got a slight cold-like thing from that (he didn’t give me antibiotics).. and a few days after that went away, i got a -real- cold. *sigh*.
lost my voice thursday night, and it’s now sunday evening and it’s still half-gone. and i answered the phone all day at work like this! heh.

mmm chocolate.


i’m happy to see that my website looks just as spiffy on a mac! *lol*
i got an old g3 powermac from a friend, and this is the first time i’ve seen my new layout on it. kind of matches my graphite colouring too!
now to check on my fanlistings…

just wanted to say hi. 🙂

they really need to pass a law…

i have been personally affected by the stupidity of driving while you have a cell phone (and your hand) glued to your ear.
didn’t get hurt at all, it was just a tap and a shove, but i got hit by a SUV today.
the full story is at my livejournal.

well i’ll be dipped…

i got wordpress to work! in my root directory! and the comment page works! and i can make other pages with it if i want! and i have the archives section again! *lol*
i thought it would take me a lot longer to accomplish this feat. ^_^;

contemplating installing a tiny emoticon set for the blog. not quite sure. i kind of like the look of pure text… hm.

now i’m going to attempt to install a plugin that allows ‘sticky’ posts. that may come in handy for my occasional charity donation pots (i have one going right now, will post later!).

la la la 😀