Quick Fix!

Hey hey! I went to Samsarin’s website and found that someone else was having that weird PHP Widget problem that I have. So I commented on his entry for the plugin, and specified that my error occured right after I upgraded to WP2.2 – Samsarin replied within an hour! And rewrote the plugin and posted it on his site, and thanked the two of us for notifying him of the error! That’s pretty spiffy. 😀 I have yet to install it since I’m not home today, but I’m sure it will work just fine. Thanks Samsarin!! 😀

Installed the new version of PHP Widget, and it works beautifully! Yaaaay I have my fun little random gadgets again.
I also got rid of my old tagboard, as I discovered a big security hole in it (random people could come along and delete tags, along with a SQL injection hole I found in a Google search) – and I’ve put in Pierre’s new shoutbox. Hopefully it holds up! Seems like a pretty good little plugin… What else can I clutter my sidebar with? Heh.

Blustery Day

Waah, my Samsarin PHP widget seems to have an error now that I’ve upgraded WP! No matter how many times I deactivate, delete, re-upload, activate, check – whatever is in the 1st PHP widget shows up in every other PHP widget. I can’t figure it out. Hopefully it’s a temporary bug related to WP integrating the Sidebar Widgets function into the core code. I’ll miss my few little plugins!

I finally installed a quotes plugin, don’t know why I didn’t find it before. Sometimes I’m blind. Yay for having random quotes on my site! 😀

In real life news, I’ve had a bad couple of days emotionally. I’m tired of the state of my apartment, but I am either too busy or too ill to do much about it. Everyone demands my attention, and I have had NO time to myself for a couple of months now. I’m going crazy. And the prednisone has caused my face to swell up like a pink balloon.. people say I don’t look that bad but when I look in the mirror it disgusts me. Diuretics are barely helping at all.

But I have a haircut appointment this afternoon, so at least my hair will look cute for a few hours. It’s starting to get rather scraggly.

And the Beat Goes On

Found out the hard way that 10mg is too much to cut out of my Prednisone dosage at once. Pain that cannot be alleviated with Tylenol3 is not good! Otherwise, my illness is being controlled quite nicely. I think I am one of the photosensitive ones though – after going for a 15-minute walk around the neighbourhood on my lunch hour Thursday, my face got quite pink. And it was overcast.

I’ve been raising money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and knitting happy, fuzzy, baby pink boa scarves for those who donate. It’s been fun! I cannot do the 5-mile jaunt this year due to the lupus and all its medications, but I am doing the 2-mile walk, and getting very generous donations from my friends and family in the process. It’s a wonderful thing! 😀

I have also started a fundraising page to help fight Lupus, of course… it’s here.

Also, in site news, I’ve added another dorky sidebar plugin: knitting project progress bars! In no way are they accurate, as I have about 10 projects going and I’ve only listed two, but that’s enough. I’m sure no one will pay attention anyway. Heh! The NowReading plugin isn’t really accurate either – I have a figurative pile to the ceiling of books that I’m planning on reading. Some day….

Just a Little

Update for the hell of it.
I rescued a dog on Thursday. It had gotten away from someone and was tearing ass around the neighbourhood behind my office. He followed me and then ran off, then came back and ran around me, went ahead, came back, etc. I walked around my entire lunch hour and never saw anyone looking for him, and no one recognised him. He ended up running around in the middle of a very busy street and almost got hit by several vehicles, so I somehow called him back over to me and my co-worker came with his Jeep to pick us up. We played and danced and laughed with the doggie until animal services came for him. I’m sure he’s fine – he was a youngish pup, super friendly, and absolutely adorable. If his family didn’t want/find him, someone else surely will. ..I miss him… *sniffle*

Work and websites are keeping me muchly busy.. then I have a tiny messy apartment and two furbabies to deal with as well. It seems like this place is impossible to keep clean.

Mom lost her job of 16 years because the company finally went under – it really sucks, but we’ve seen it coming from a long way.
So to make some extra cash, she’s going to make & sell some tote bags and knitting bags. I have one of the knitting bags, and it’s wonderful! I’m going to set up an online shop for us, so we can both sell our wares on it. Need to work on business cards too.

Site-wise, I installed the new ‘Run for Cover’ last.fm plugin you see down there in the sidebar that displays recently played album covers.. added a few more items to my 101 facts page, did the usual upgrades of scripts and junk.

Sunday [Not So Lazy]

It’s Geek Day again here in apartment #9, and I’ve upgraded WordPress to version 2.1! Yaaaay for bugfixes and new features.
Also updated what few plugins had updates, of course.
I still haven’t added a ‘if IE6’ clause to the CSS yet, but that’s probably going to happen sometime this afternoon. Have to work on another few projects before I tackle the stupid alignment problem here..
I’ve also noticed that my PHPCurrently script is only semi-working. The mood doesn’t update anymore, but the rest of the items do – how odd. The script is quite old and I wish the gals at CodeGrrl had more time to update it. ^_^;
Also waiting for a new version of PHPQuotes, or a similar script, as I really do miss my random quote display and its handy interface. I wonder if I could take a simple sidebar widget and hack it for my own use? Hmmmmmm… new project!
As if I don’t have enough projects.

You should see my to-be-knitted yarn collection these days…..

A Very Cold Monday

I’ve had a horrible, painful, wheezy feeling in my chest for the past three days. I stayed home from work today mainly because my neck and shoulders hurt unbearably – I’m guessing from the wheezy coughs. Ughh. It doesn’t allow for much typing.
But, I got things done in geek land! 😛

#1: I finished the Remixes of Depeche Mode fanlisting! It’s one of my favourites so far.
#2: Deleted a couple of fanlisting affiliates that are no longer up.
#3: Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7.
#4: Upgraded the few plugins that actually had new versions.
#5: Marked Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close as Read in Now-Reading, and added two more books to the Upcoming list.

And my mother bought more yarn for me on Saturday. I have too many projects going!! *lol*

Now I also have some new records and CDs to put in the Media Shelf

Oh! I got a late Christmas present in the post from my father – a die-cast model of the 1958 Plymouth Fury that was Christine. It kicks ass. It even has working headlights. That story really does have a silly premise, but it’s so much fun. ^_^

Getting There…

Thanks to some help from the lovely Amelie at Codegrrl, and some tinkering, I finally got the sidebar to go where it belongs in IE. Joy!
Installed another plugin too – these plugins & widgets are addictive. But I think that’s all for now.. I browsed wp-plugins.net and didn’t see any more that I had to have.

In other (actual) news, holy crap the Dems won the House! That makes me happy. Now I’ll really be happy if they actually get things done. While I lean much farther to the left than to the right, I’m still painfully aware that most politicians, no matter what their affiliation, are all bark and no bite. ..So, we’ll see.

For now I’ll just sit here with this purring kitty on my lap and play Geek.