How Spiffy!

I put Lightbox on the site, primarily for use on my art page. It looks so nice! Such a great tool.

A new layout is in the works, by the way… and it’s hand-drawn by yours truly. Not all the pieces have been drawn yet, but I’m getting a good idea in this foggy little head of mine.

I started a group at Ravelry for people with chronic pain and illness.. we’re called The Spoonies. If you don’t get the reference, feel free to visit But You Don’t Look Sick and read the Spoon Theory. It is a wonderful analogy for those who don’t understand what it’s like. 🙂


In light of last night’s Dreamhost Fuckup
I must publicly announce that

I am still a happily DreamHosted customer.

Yeah, they accidentally charged me twice for a years worth of hosting – but I trust that the $206 will be refunded by tomorrow afternoon. And if it isn’t, I trust that they will take care of it after a polite e-mail from me.
No, they aren’t exactly snobnose professionals about things. I like that about the company. They are honest and up-front, and they are trying their damndest to get this all fixed.

I’m sure they, especially Josh, needed a change of trousers when that $7.5mm report was discovered.


Various and Sundry

Yay, I finally got a working calendar on this thing again! EventCalendar 3 was updated to work with WP2.3, so all is well. I just have to enter everything back in. Feh.

I dyed my hair burgundy today. It had been about 4 years since I last ventured into the world of unnatural hair colour, so it was kind of fun. It looks like I dipped my head in a vat of merlot.
Because of my Lupus and all the medications I’m on, I actually did the spot test beforehand to make sure no weird allergic reactions would happen. Nothing did happen, and now of course I have several burgundy little hairs on my inner elbow.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to visit my grandpa. His 90th birthday is this Wednesday. This is the man who has a letter tacked to his wall from Good Samaritan, telling him that he has the rare distinction of being dismissed from hospice care due to being too healthy. Heh!


Hooray, thanks to a patch from WP and a bit of tinkering, I was able to get this thing working again, as you can see!
Had to get rid of my splash page, but oh well. Those are out of style anyway. And I never paid attention to my hit counter, so I doubt anyone else did.

Now, If I just updated my site more, with stuff worth reading, that would be dandy.


I was all geekily excited about upgrading to WordPress 2.3. I backed up my old stuff, and installed the new.
Lo and behold, it won’t let me log in! It says WordPress requires cookies, but my browser is blocking them. No it isn’t! Doesn’t work in any browser or on either of my computers. Not only that, but now my main blog page is showing up as a 404 error!
Good thing I backed up the old stuff, because I had to delete everything from the server and redo the install from version 2.2.3.
I searched and found several other people who had the same problem, and it’s been there since it was in Release Candidate stage.
Obviously it works now that I’ve reverted..
I hope those folks get this error fixed. I know it sucks for them to have a big bug like that in their releases.


This site was loading incredibly slowly, and I finally decided to experiment with plugins, because I knew that some plugin must be causing the delay. Lo and behold, the thing sped way up when I deactivated Bad Behaviour. Don’t know what in that script would be tying things up, but it appears that it was. So now I’m trying out Akismet.

Speaking of slow, I think snails are amusing. And I found a Swatch watch with snails on! Isn’t it cute?! Heehee. It’s called Schneckentempo. I’ve wanted a Swatch since high school, when my friend worked there. I’ve always had a fascination with clocks and watches for some reason. This thing has a nice hefty *TICK* to it too, which is fun.

I’ve adopted a new pet fishie as well. He’s a beautiful Betta, and fairly young. Has a great personality for a fishie.. active but not crazy like the one that was next to him on the shop shelf. He stares at me when I stare at him. 😛


I’m finally getting around to cleaning up and cataloging the records and CDs I’ve bought over the past couple of months. I still absolutely adore my Media Shelf script, thanks to Jenny at! I’ve been using it for a long time now and never had a problem with it. And it’s so handy for being a geek like myself! Heh.
Anyway, I remembered that it includes an RSS feed, so I dorkily added my latest music additions to the sidebar over there, above the Recent Tracks bit. Now you can see what I buy and what I listen to! Like you really wanted to know.

I am thinking of getting brave and trying my hand at coding up a little Currently widget. I don’t know why, but I miss having my current mood, surf, book, thought, food, whatever, proudly displayed. I’ve seen a plugin that displays current mood on each post, but I’d like to have a sidebar version, update-able whenever. The only thing is, I’m not looking forward to sharing it and getting all the support requests and finding out there’s an injection flaw or something… it’s worth a try though. And since I have WP installed as a testing ground on my local machine, I don’t have to sit here and upload the files a billion times! Yay.

Also, I love having a random quote displayed now, but I wish there was a page where someone could read them all. Maybe even submit. Like the old PHPquotes script which is now dead. Waah! My silly little gadgets are gone.

In other nerdy news, I got my Jareth the Goblin King figurine today. It’s pretty detailed! You can even see the tiny stitches in his little gloved fingers. And he has a tiny crystal ball, which I’m halfway thinking about supergluing to his fingers, because I know it’s going to get lost one of these days. ::hearts::