FS.com Shop Holiday Deal!

For the holidays, I have reduced the free shipping deal from $50 to $30 – this means you only need two Glitteratis to get free shipping! 😉
I have also added Alex Lifeson’s red mirrored guitar, and Chris Wolstenholme’s gorgeous orangey bass to the shop.
Get your orders in quickly so that I can get them made for fast shipping! 😀

Teeny Tiny Touring Case!

I have added a handmade, miniature guitar case gift box to my shop!

guitar case

Not only do they make great gift boxes, they also look adorable sitting on a shelf. There’s even a lidded compartment inside for pendant chain storage!

New Pendants!

Three new guitar pendants have been added to Art and, of course, the Shop!

Also, I now have a Dremel tool for (hopefully) easier cutting of mirrored plastic and stuff. I haven’t tried it out yet. Wish me luck!

The Boys of Biffy Clyro are Love.

So, I finished this pendant the other day,

of Simon Neil’s signature, if oddly coloured, Strat. I had the immense pleasure of meeting the band two days after finishing this pendant, and I gave him the one pictured here. He was genuinely thrilled to have it, and I got many hugs and smiles. He signed the back of my pendant. Yay! Unfortunately I did not get a picture of him with it.
..Sculpey Premo! clay, acrylic paints and varnishes. Yes, the pick guard is a very pale mint green. Finished 28 May 2011.

Shop Update!

I have just added the 7-string guitar pendant to the Shop! They are $20 each, because they take so much time and care in painting, and are made to order.


ALSO, I have added Free Standard Shipping (5-7 days) on orders over $50!
Priority shipping is free for orders over $60, as is International shipping!

The Strike

Yes! I do support the Writers Guild.
I wish them all the best, I know that many of them really could be considered “starving artists”, and I think that they deserve any raise and recognition they can get. Also, I don’t watch enough television to make the reruns bother me. 😉

So here’s to you, Writers!!
*sips cocoa*

button button who’s got the button?

i do!
a lot of them, in fact!

anyway! i got myself a lovely little button maker, and i’ve made several designs, and i’m selling buttons for $1 each (shipping included). all buttons are 1″ diameter. i do plan on getting a larger machine (probably 1-1/4″) in the future.. it’d be better for band logos and such.

if you’re curious, you can visit my little shop and have a look-see! and feel free to order one or two if you want. 😉

more designs to come as i have spare time!