The Foreign Resort official merch!

I have had the honour of creating pendants for this amazing band to sell during the first leg of their US tour this October! The guys have been ultra sweet (but when are they not!) and are advertising my pendants all over the place. I feel so loved. <3

The Foreign Resort‘s new album Scattered & Buried is out now! Give it a listen – you will not be disappointed.


Many people have thought that these “tortoiseshell” pick guards must take hours to paint. In fact, they are quite simple compared to a lot of other painting I do on thise micro guitars. Outlining and then staying within those lines on the pick guard is the hardest part.
A red base layer, then loosely mix the same red and some black, and dab it on unevenly with a tiny brush – it gets the look done quite well! Certainly more simple than the sunburst design on the body…
(this particular pendant is a guitar belonging to Henrik from The Foreign Resort!)

Feel the Love

Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen, frontman of The Foreign Resort, has been a complete sweetheart lately. He’s showing off his Telecaster pendant for all the world to see, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I feel so loved.

“@frenziedsilence made me this miniature version of my Telecaster and mailed it from Portland, OR to Denmark. Thank you so much, Kathryn!”

If you have never heard this band, please do give them a listen. They are amazingly fun. Visit their Bandcamp page for free downloads. <3

In other news, I have added two new pendants to the fray.

Kurt Cobain’s JagStang.

311 – Pnut’s bird’s eye maple bass.

Two More!

Busy day today!

DEPECHE MODE – Martin Gore’s “Knight” Gretsch.

BIFFY CLYRO – Simon’s “White Falcon” Gretsch.

Two New Commissions

These turned out rather well, even if I do say so myself…

Slash’s signature Les Paul.

All the Young – Dave Cartwright’s “Black Beauty” Les Paul.

Still Sculpting Away…

I have been getting steady orders for pendants, and that is a very good thing! 😀

Here’s the latest commission:

The Union Jack bass owned by Rick Savage of Def Leppard.
All I can say is, hooray for 18/0 size paint brushes. 😉

In other news, I have ordered business cards for this little endeavor. I will soon be including them in shipments. Yay!

Commissions at my Etsy Shop!

I am officially moving all of my pendant stuff to my Etsy shop – it will keep everything in the same place, and offer a little more confidence to anyone who wants to commission my work. If you would like some tiny guitars, contact me here or at the Etsy page, and we will set it up! 🙂