Recent Goings-On

Just in the last few months, I’ve been spending time with friends I had lost contact with after high school. It is so great to see them again!
Three of them have a band, which I think everyone should hear. Unfortunately their demos aren’t recorded very well and don’t do them any sort of justice.. but you can hear them here anyway.
They make some purdy noises.

I’m proud of myself for having made a new LiveJournal layout and managing to modify the S2 ‘Flexible Squares’ layout to fit my stuff in. It works! And it’s cute! Double fun!

I still need to complete the prototype for my newest handbag design. It’s velvet, and the nap keeps squishing down and the lining is going off to the middle. But I found my ‘walking foot’ for the sewing machine and am about to try it out. I really hope I can get it working so I can sell these things. :}

I also still need to do more research on political candidates. I’m not into politics anyway – I think all politicians have some degree of Asshole in them – but, unfortunately, they do run the place, so I’ve got to deal with them. My ballot awaits…

Getting There…

Thanks to some help from the lovely Amelie at Codegrrl, and some tinkering, I finally got the sidebar to go where it belongs in IE. Joy!
Installed another plugin too – these plugins & widgets are addictive. But I think that’s all for now.. I browsed and didn’t see any more that I had to have.

In other (actual) news, holy crap the Dems won the House! That makes me happy. Now I’ll really be happy if they actually get things done. While I lean much farther to the left than to the right, I’m still painfully aware that most politicians, no matter what their affiliation, are all bark and no bite. ..So, we’ll see.

For now I’ll just sit here with this purring kitty on my lap and play Geek.