Cut Copy!

Today I had the immense pleasure of meeting three of the four members of Cut//Copy. They are SO sweet and kind. I gave a little box of pendants to Dan before the show, and talked to Ben and Tim afterward.

Thanks for an amazing evening, boys! 😀

More Guitars


Simon’s brand new ‘Power Jet’ Gretsch.

James’ natural wood Jazz Bass.


I hope this won’t seem egotistical or bitchy.. those who know me, know that I am not like that. In fact I don’t think much of myself or what I do, which is why I am posting this:
I just entered ship dates into my last two orders in my spreadsheet, and in looking at the list of recent pendant orders (and gifts), had to laugh and say REALLY?? because included in the list are Anderson, Neil. Bellamy, Matt. Johnston, Ben. Johnston, James. Neil, Simon. Wolstenholme, Chris.
It’s surreal. I mean, I only got to give my silly miniature guitars (and drum) to four of those people in person, but they were so gracious and thankful. Lord knows what any of them did with my gifts, but – it’s just kind of fun. 😀
And let us not forget the wonderful thanks and help that I get from The Foreign Resort when they so enthusiastically share my work at their shows. <3
Music makes the world go round.

Biffy Clyro in Seattle

On Monday, 11 February 2013, Biffy Clyro played a tiny acoustic show in Seattle. Of course I brought pendants for the boys, and their super sweet tour manager. I gave the pendants to Neil before the set started, and he was absolutely grateful. He gave the pendants to the boys before the show, and they thanked me after the set, and I got many hugs.
They may have just received #1 album in the UK, and they may be the best musicians ever, but they are still the sweetest bearded Scots you will ever meet. <3

Simon’s violin-burst Stratocaster:

Ben’s kick drum:

James’ signature Jazz Bass:

Simon smashed one of his electric acoustics when it stopped working, and Neil gave me a very nice chunk of it. I also got Ben’s setlist.

Thanks, Biffy Clyro, for a WONDERFUL evening.

Prayers for Brian Tierney…

This boy was a good friend of mine in high school, and we have talked a few times since then. I saw this story yesterday and wondered what the hell happened – then this morning the name of the victim is released. I can’t believe something like this could happen to him – he is such a good person. If anyone stumbles across this post.. please send healing vibes to Brian. I cannot imagine what his wife is going through right now. Thankfully his baby daughter is too young to understand and won’t remember. news article

Shot several times and found in the breakdown lane on I-205… the police are baffled.
Awful, awful news. I have been weepy all day.


What the FUCK do some people think they’re doing? Reading comments on bands’ pages and forums.. some idiots will take any opportunity they can to say incredibly rude things to the groups they are supposedly hardcore fans of. Selling out. Only interested in money. Fucking the wrong chick. Whatever. Do these morons think they somehow have rights, and can control the lives of these celebrities? If they met them in person, I bet most of these people would be nearly speechless and shaking in the presence of their idols, but with the protection of their LCD backlit screens and keyboards, they will say whatever inane, evil drivel comes to their puny minds.


I have Lupus.
Today is a really awful day for me. I feel like raging, so I will. Skip on by if you like.

I fucking hate this disease. I hate the side effects from the cocktail of medications we have to take for this fucking disease. I hate that I’m constantly shaking too hard to do anything worthwhile. I hate that I just spent half an hour trimming and tweezing the hair on my face because of the Prednisone. I hate that my face (and much of the rest of me) is swollen like a water balloon, even though I’m down to a fairly small dose of Prednisone. I hate that I’m sweaty and clammy. I hate that my hair is falling out of my head and growing everywhere else (but, my eyelashes look great). I hate that my knees are so swollen I can barely walk. I hate that I ache everywhere. I hate that my skin has weird problems. I hate that I have to worry about every little joint pain and whether that ache in my lower back is really lower back, or is it kidneys? I hate that I have to warn people before I see them that I’m swollen like a fucking blister and I look weird. I hate that I have to spend so much money on doctors and medications and supplements and I’m only 29 years old. I hate that, as soon as I taper down from the meds, my chronic headaches are back in full force. I hate that I have a really bad shoulder (which aggravates my headaches) that my doctors don’t seem to care too much about. I hate that the huge mug of tea I drank this morning has absorbed into my skin, and I feel like I’m going to explode.

I had things I was going to do this month, but my own immune system decided it didn’t like me any more, again. So here I am, looking at all the shit I could be doing, and instead sitting here in my chair, with swollen knees and a giant face, sweating and shaking and aching, unable to paint, unable to knit, unable to stand up to clean the filthy bathroom, unsure if I can actually go to the Biffy Clyro gig in Seattle next weekend because I may not be able to stand up long enough.

I don’t usually dwell on this shit so much. I try to be positive. Really, I’d rather have Lupus than many other diseases, and I am much better off than many other Lupus patients are.
But once in a great while, I have to have a Bad Fucking Day, and I have to rant. So here you go.
Thanks for reading.
I’m going to.. continue to sit here and do nothing useful to anyone.