David Twelve-Inch

I love “accidental” eBay purchases.

As most of you probably know, I am a complete, geeky Whovian. I have a large and growing collection of Doctor Who action figures and toys.
Along with the 5″ action figures, the company also made a limited line of 12″ dolls – completely articulated so you can pose them.

A friend threatened to get one of them for me last birthday, but I declined, as they are a bit creepy and cost way too much.

I found one on eBay last week. The starting bid was super cheap, and I thought, “why not?? I’ll bid a few quid on it just for the fun, and someone will end up paying a huge amount for the silly doll. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if…”

So, yeah. The auction ended at £3.15.

I now have a giant David Tennant action figure on my desk. LMAO!
Aside from being ever so slightly crosseyed (a fixable factory mistake), it looks a LOT like him. The shape of his nose is absolutely perfect, down to the crookedness and the oddly-shaped flat spot on the bridge. I’ve drawn David, I know his face a little too well. hahah.


I laugh every time I look at the silly thing. omg. He’s going to be hidden in plain sight somewhere for next time my friend comes over, just to freak her out. *grin*

he looks slightly disturbed.

Feeling: amused highly amused!

Happy Geekmas!

My Christmas display, freshly finished.
Heeeee heehehe.

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That’s only half of my Doctor Who collection too.. the other ones didn’t get quite the festivities that these did. And yes, the 3rd Doctor is sonicking a light.


Ahhh, memories. Today’s shutdown of GeoCities brought forth a lovely chat on the forums of FARK. Now I feel like sharing my own digital memories that no one else will care about.

I remember that my first computer was built by my brother. It was a 386, and had a 14.4 modem. We signed up with AOL2.8, I think. No idea how many MB the hard drive held.

My first websites were, indeed, built with GeoCities. They were my first foray into the world of HTML. And even back then, I stayed away from too many animated GIFs. I always signed up with accounts in the space named sections. I had a Smashing Pumpkins fansite, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show fansite, which made it into an ‘elite’ webring! How excited I was!

AOL had a video download section. Actually I think it was their MTV channel thingy! I would download Smashing Pumpkins videos – except they were only 30-second clips. I remember waiting a good 45 minutes for a 256-color, 150px-wide clip of Tonight, Tonight. I don’t even know how bad the sound was.

My printer was a dot matrix, as inkjet was still grossly unaffordable at the time. I think I got my first inkjet (courtesy of my father) in 1997. It was beautiful, but now I look at a printout I made with it all those years ago, it looks like halftone. ha!

Then just a few years ago I got an iPod 3rd gen, which came with firewire. I had to buy an extra USB adapter for it. I built my current desktop computer shortly after that, and made sure the motherboard had a firewire port. Now Apple has discontinued use of firewire, of course.

Just thought I’d share some random thoughts. Anyone else have a geekstory?


My laptop PC, which is running MS Vista Home Premium (read: “shite”), is getting more and more dodgy these days.

Along with having a Vista OS, the hardware is HP – which I should have gone with my instincts on and NOT purchased. This particular line of Pavilions has a number of known hardware problems, including batteries which may explode, and a built-in wireless card which eventually quits working (mine has).

Plus, I did the stupid thing and accidentally hit the Express button in Windows Update not too long after I got this thing, and MS automatically installed the wrong driver for something, which completely screwed up my network and sound, which I had to fix in a rigged kind of way, and from then on my System Information has been blank. Therefore, some things don’t show up when they should when I go to Windows Update.

I backed up the hard drive last night, and defragged, and now I’m trying to figure out what else might be around to help this stupid thing run better. I saw stuff about Vista Service Pack 2 – and I haven’t installed that. Then I wondered if I’ve even installed SP1… I checked Windows Update Log, and sure enough, there is no service pack listed. This computer never even told me it needed to be installed, because by the time it came out, my system information was screwed.

So I’m downloading crap now, and hopefully this thing doesn’t explode.

I suppose, if it does, I have my other computer, though it’s a bit slower…

Damn things. 😛

A Sunday to be Hailed!

Yehh.. cheeseball. But we did have a rather huge hailstorm for the area just an hour ago – looks like it snowed out there.

Also, it is a day to celebrate.

I have installed WP 2.5, and it’s lovely!!! **HUGS** for all the developers!

I got some wild colours in corduroy and velveteen for making handbags. Notions too, of course, to go with. I have a bunch of fabric for making things to sell, but my sewing machine is broken (something wrong with the tension mechanism inside.. no matter what I try, the thing still breaks its own thread) so the fabric just sits.
Mom decided to get a sewing machine for me!!! Happy Birthday & Easter to me! It’s a cheapish Singer – of course they’re all made of plastic these days. This one has 12 different stitches and a bunch of extra feet and stuff that I’m not likely to ever use. :} Shoot, I wonder how many bobbins it came with? Forgot to check that. Anyway, the next-highest-up machine was the all-electronic one, which I don’t trust. The memory can go so easily wonky in those things – and again, I will never use all that extra crap. My sewing involves straight lines and the occasional appliqué stitch.

So I have a design for this handbag floating around in my head, and I need to draw it out on paper and actually make a pattern out of the thought. Then, hopefully, it will sell. :}

On a side note, I’ve started delving into the world of MySQL and PHP. Sure, I can install scripts just fine, and even kind of see where I’ve accidentally missed a bracket or something. But I don’t know how to write anything other than an include in PHP, let alone connect it to a database. I have a friend who wants a very simple script written, and I am quite sure I can figure it out myself, perhaps with a little bit of security know-how from the gals at CodeGrrl. The book that I got is for PHP6, which isn’t even really in use yet, but I’m certain the simple thing I’m writing won’t use any features that have been added or changed since version 2. Heh.


I was all geekily excited about upgrading to WordPress 2.3. I backed up my old stuff, and installed the new.
Lo and behold, it won’t let me log in! It says WordPress requires cookies, but my browser is blocking them. No it isn’t! Doesn’t work in any browser or on either of my computers. Not only that, but now my main blog page is showing up as a 404 error!
Good thing I backed up the old stuff, because I had to delete everything from the server and redo the install from version 2.2.3.
I searched and found several other people who had the same problem, and it’s been there since it was in Release Candidate stage.
Obviously it works now that I’ve reverted..
I hope those folks get this error fixed. I know it sucks for them to have a big bug like that in their releases.


I’m finally getting around to cleaning up and cataloging the records and CDs I’ve bought over the past couple of months. I still absolutely adore my Media Shelf script, thanks to Jenny at Prism-Perfect.net! I’ve been using it for a long time now and never had a problem with it. And it’s so handy for being a geek like myself! Heh.
Anyway, I remembered that it includes an RSS feed, so I dorkily added my latest music additions to the sidebar over there, above the Recent Tracks bit. Now you can see what I buy and what I listen to! Like you really wanted to know.

I am thinking of getting brave and trying my hand at coding up a little Currently widget. I don’t know why, but I miss having my current mood, surf, book, thought, food, whatever, proudly displayed. I’ve seen a plugin that displays current mood on each post, but I’d like to have a sidebar version, update-able whenever. The only thing is, I’m not looking forward to sharing it and getting all the support requests and finding out there’s an injection flaw or something… it’s worth a try though. And since I have WP installed as a testing ground on my local machine, I don’t have to sit here and upload the files a billion times! Yay.

Also, I love having a random quote displayed now, but I wish there was a page where someone could read them all. Maybe even submit. Like the old PHPquotes script which is now dead. Waah! My silly little gadgets are gone.

In other nerdy news, I got my Jareth the Goblin King figurine today. It’s pretty detailed! You can even see the tiny stitches in his little gloved fingers. And he has a tiny crystal ball, which I’m halfway thinking about supergluing to his fingers, because I know it’s going to get lost one of these days. ::hearts::