Recent Goings-On

Just in the last few months, I’ve been spending time with friends I had lost contact with after high school. It is so great to see them again!
Three of them have a band, which I think everyone should hear. Unfortunately their demos aren’t recorded very well and don’t do them any sort of justice.. but you can hear them here anyway.
They make some purdy noises.

I’m proud of myself for having made a new LiveJournal layout and managing to modify the S2 ‘Flexible Squares’ layout to fit my stuff in. It works! And it’s cute! Double fun!

I still need to complete the prototype for my newest handbag design. It’s velvet, and the nap keeps squishing down and the lining is going off to the middle. But I found my ‘walking foot’ for the sewing machine and am about to try it out. I really hope I can get it working so I can sell these things. :}

I also still need to do more research on political candidates. I’m not into politics anyway – I think all politicians have some degree of Asshole in them – but, unfortunately, they do run the place, so I’ve got to deal with them. My ballot awaits…

Something’s Fishy Here…

Yay, a brand new layout!!
I drew all the fishes, bubbles, grass and snail myself – so the layout truly is my very own. I even put the CSS in from scratch and everything! Hooray for me.
This is also my first attempt at a XHTML-strict layout. I seem to have done well on the layout itself, but I need to go back through some pages and entries and take out ‘target’ attributes and things like that. Mainly the validation errors are coming from plugins I’m using.

Speaking of plugins, I’ve removed a few things from the sidebar. They had lost their novelty and become clutter. They served well for a while.. but, time to move on.

There are still some details to iron out, but I’m not too concerned about those, since no one ever visits my site except to look for fanlisting codes anyway. 😛

Please let me know what you think of the layout… I am always open to constructive criticism and suggestions!


Well I can’t believe it – I got this silly thing working (mostly) yet again. *lol*
This time I’m integrating most of the pages into WordPress, so I still have to add a couple of pages, but the important stuff is back up.
As of this posting, the layout is screwy in IE (what a shock!) and a couple of the plugins aren’t XHTML compliant, but I’ll get to those eventually. Can’t figure out what is causing the misalignment in IE.
I really miss my quotes script too.
Anyway, I hope those of you who are running Firefox and see its actual look, like it! 😉

busy bee!

except not on -this- site. 😛

have a new design client, a brand new bike shop that’s already doing quite well! i really want one of the bikes he’s selling too.. can’t afford it though. maybe some day. :}
so that’s coming along nicely – hopefully he’ll get some text together for the main sections tomorrow.

which reminds me, i really need to update my portfolio site. maybe even get a domain for it. the site still has my old ‘business name’ on it, which i’ve scrapped because it was confusing to customers. lol. plus it doesn’t really show off my skills – it’s quite plain. *shrug*

must get off computer now – my head is threatening migraine. :/