International Shopping Hijinks!

My best friend ordered an Ironside Dalek toy from Forbidden Planet in England. It was on backorder for a few months, but they finally sent a shipment last week. She had it sent to my house, as hers isn’t as reliable for leaving packages on the porch.

However, when it arrived here, I could immediately tell it wasn’t a Dalek. It was a book.
We opened it up, and inside the padded envelope was a thin cardstock envelope. Inside THAT was a packing slip – for an Ironside Dalek. But with the packing slip was a signed copy of Simon Pegg’s new autobiography. LOL

Now that’s what I call a warehouse error. Right packing slip, obviously in the WRONG packaging with a totally incorrect item.

I emailed Forbidden Planet for her, saying they sent the wrong item, but that I was also interested in keeping the book, and asked if there was a way I could pay for it on my card.

Reminds me of the time when Verizon stuck the mobile phones Mom and I had ordered into a box, AND included some dude’s Chocolate phone, which was supposed to go to Jersey.

Someone’s been smokin da ganja.

At any rate, I’m going to Twitter to Mr Pegg tonight, and accuse him of switching the items out himself. After all, he was just at the Forbidden Planet signing.

Feeling: nerdy nerdy.