This Ping thing is kind of useless so far, in my opinion. For those who don’t know, it’s the beginning of Apples iTunes ‘social networking’ idea. At least I hope it’s the beginning – there really isn’t much to it, so far. But I am following a couple of bands and two people on it. lol.

One of those people is Benjamin Cook, one of the cooler writers for Doctor Who Magazine. I have been following him on Twitter for a while, because he’s a witty and funny fellow. He posted his Ping link there, so hey.

And look here! haha..

Benjamin started following Weezer. (yesterday at 3:06 pm)
Kathryn – Hi, Benjamin. You have just reminded me that I haven’t heard anything but Weezer’s first album. 15 years? I really must check them out. *shameful sigh* (yesterday at 3:36 pm)
Benjamin – Hooray! Ping works! 😀 😀 xx (yesterday at 6:55 pm)

lol. And he posted on twitter that he was still oblivious to Ping’s potential.
Well, I still am, but whatever. hahah

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