New Artwork, Poor Lighting.

I painted the background colour on these two canvases over a year ago, and just started working on it again a week ago. Silly me! I like how it turned out. I am very pleased with it.
However, I am not pleased with the way the photo came out. I have very poor lighting in my room, and had to set up two lamps on either side of the painting. Still, it turned out a bit dark. Also, my camera doesn’t like the bright turquoise background colour – it insists on turning it a strange blueish hue. Photoshop doesn’t do much for it either.. it looks pretty bad on my screen, and I have no idea what it’ll look like on yours.
Oh well, you can see what I meant, anyway. Too bad you can’t see the true, vivid paints.
Clicky the preview image…

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