So. My friend and I were keeping ourselves busy, making little Sculpey accessories for our Doctor Who toys. Yes, we are complete nerds, thank you.
I got bored with the norm, though. So I decided to try making an action figure sized version of my favourite guitar in the whole world – the red glittery one played by Matthew Bellamy.
I made it! And it looks pretty cool! I posted it on my Facebook page. My Muser friends went completely batty over it. Then, one of them suggested a necklace.
Here starts the frenzy.
I made a pendant version of the red guitar. My circle of friends LOVED it, and wanted to pay me to make a few more, to wear to the gigs this Autumn.
And word got around.
I posted the pendant on my deviantART. It got 90 favourites and over 800 views in less than 24 hours.
My friend posted on his tumblr. Over 150 people reblogged the picture.
It’s gone a little mad. LOL
Sudden popularity is quite strange. Though, it has died down to almost nothing again, so *phew*! back to normal. :}

In other news, I am going to Cannon Beach on Friday. I can hardly wait. And yes, I am bringing one or two Doctor Who figurines to photograph. 😛

Also, since my paid LiveJournal account is about to expire, and I don’t think I can use my custom mood theme after that – I’m going to start using it here. Silly, but I love my Tennant theme, and so should you.

Feeling: hopeful hopeful.

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  1. I saw a picture of your pendant and that’s how I found your little corner of the internet.. You are such a talented artist. If you ever started making these to be sold, I would buy one!

    You’ve definitely inspired me to try making a Bomber pendant, but I doubt it will be as great as yours, seeing as I’m not much of a sculptor!

    Anyway, I’m gonna bookmark this page (does that sound creepy? I hope not) because your art amazes me.