I woke up today, feeling pretty OK.
At some point, randomly, around 6pm, my back decided to say “fuck you!” and twisted itself into pinching my sciatic nerve on the left side. I don’t remember moving funny or anything – it just started to hurt. Then it got worse, and worse. Mom and I went shopping at Target, and though a few steps caused me to flinch, I was able to walk at a fairly normal pace through the store. I even tried on a pair of really cute and really comfy black skinny jeans. Bought them – they were on sale for $15.
Got home. Helped carry stuff inside, but nothing heavy.
Took my stuff downstairs.
Went back up the stairs. Started to hurt about halfway up. Got to the top, and opened the door – and could barely get up the last step. After I finally managed to make it, I had to stop and lean on the wall for several minutes. I couldn’t even take a step, it hurt so much. Mom found my grandpa’s old cane for me, and I managed to hobble at a snail’s pace over to the sofa and the heating pad. Sitting there didn’t do all that much. Neither did aspirin. After about 4 hours, I decided I would rather be in my own room.
So, I hobbled to the stairs again, and made it down OK with not -too- much pain.
Mom brought my knitting and stuff back down, along with a couple of drinks and snacks, since I will not be going back up those stairs for a while. I have a back massage pad thingy that vibrates, and it kind of feels good on the pinched nerve, but it doesn’t really help anything.
I’d like to watch a Muse concert, but I don’t know if I can reach my pile of DVDs. Maybe I’ll just play a computer game for a while.