My Desk is a Mess of Colour.

Every once in a while, I will look at one of my portraits, and realise “holy shit, *I* drew that!?!”
And then I mentally beat myself down for seeming to have too much of an ego moment.
It’s wonderful and strange to me, to be looking at a portrait I would absolutely love to have on my wall, and know that it was drawn by these tiny hands with crooked forefingers. 😛
I dunno. Just thinking aloud there.

My friend and I have been getting into more artsy craftsy stuff lately, just to keep the boredom from getting us down. We started out making accessories for our Doctor Who action figures. She made a few really cute Jammie Dodgers (my 11 is now holding one), a fob watch, an apple, and 8’s leather bag from the 1996 movie – all out of SculpeyIII.
I started out making a fez for 11, but I tried and tried and couldn’t even get the shape symmetrical, let alone staying on his little head. So I gave up on that and made a Doctor-sized version of one of Matt Bellamy’s guitars – the Glitterati. I absolutely adore that guitar (I cheer when the techie brings it out for soundcheck before a gig). The mini version is almost as cute. I need to make a strap out of ribbon or something for it so the Doctor can actually hold it. *lol*
Anyway. I posted a picture of the MiniGlitterati on my Facebook. Within hours, I had comments from almost every Muser friend, wanting one. One gal mentioned a necklace. So, I set to work on a MicroGlitterati. I now have 8 orders from friends, some wanting both the Glitterati and the Seattle (which is a matte black version of practically the same guitar). It’s tedious work, but it’s a lot of fun. These things are so cute.
I just wish the 3 web clients who owe me money would remember to put their checks in the mail, dammit. I have to get a few small things before I can finish these pendants, and I am broke. These clients have conveniently forgotten to pay my invoices that I sent TWO MONTHS ago.

As if I haven’t been painting enough, I am going to do my nails now.
Thanks for reading. 🙂