David Twelve-Inch

I love “accidental” eBay purchases.

As most of you probably know, I am a complete, geeky Whovian. I have a large and growing collection of Doctor Who action figures and toys.
Along with the 5″ action figures, the company also made a limited line of 12″ dolls – completely articulated so you can pose them.

A friend threatened to get one of them for me last birthday, but I declined, as they are a bit creepy and cost way too much.

I found one on eBay last week. The starting bid was super cheap, and I thought, “why not?? I’ll bid a few quid on it just for the fun, and someone will end up paying a huge amount for the silly doll. But wouldn’t it be hilarious if…”

So, yeah. The auction ended at £3.15.

I now have a giant David Tennant action figure on my desk. LMAO!
Aside from being ever so slightly crosseyed (a fixable factory mistake), it looks a LOT like him. The shape of his nose is absolutely perfect, down to the crookedness and the oddly-shaped flat spot on the bridge. I’ve drawn David, I know his face a little too well. hahah.


I laugh every time I look at the silly thing. omg. He’s going to be hidden in plain sight somewhere for next time my friend comes over, just to freak her out. *grin*

he looks slightly disturbed.

Feeling: amused highly amused!