Still Life With Bichon

I wish dogs understood the concept of “tomorrow.” This pup has a pretty bad case of separation anxiety. Dad left for his hip replacement surgery 2 hours ago, and the dog is still whining, and doesn’t care about anything else. He’s calmed down a little, at least. And he’ll probably start looking for Dad again at 5, as if he had gone to work. whee..
Was going to go back to sleep, but the dog is not permitting that. So here I am with the computer on the sofa.
Headache, as usual.

So yeah. I’m up here, at my Dad’s house, for two weeks or so. He has degenerative arthritis (a family trait, oh boy!) which is why he already had to have his right hip replaced 15 years ago. The left hip is ground down to just about nothing – his surgeon was amazed that Dad is still walking at all.
All this worries me a bit, since I have this lovely pain in my neck/spine/shoulder nearly all the time. I can’t afford to get a scan to see what’s going on in there, but when I had a MRI a few years ago to check on my migraines, my neurologist could see a bit of arthritis at the edge of the pictures, in my neck.
Anyway. Dad will be home tomorrow, probably. He’ll be on crutches for six weeks. He’ll spend the next few days in bed, I imagine. We’re all stocked up on food and supplies. So I get to cook yummy food (except he has an electric stove, blah) and bring him his pills. He bought a nice comfy recliner on Sunday, but it won’t be delivered until Saturday. When the chair arrives, the TV in here will be on all the time. It’s a huge screen (60″) and super bright, so it aggravates my headaches. I have to leave the room sometimes. :/

Before I left home, I put some of my favourite Doctor Who episodes on the hard drive, and packed my fav Muse concert DVDs. The sound on this laptop is terrible, but it will have to do. Most of those DVDs are in PAL format, and won’t work in the BluRay player. And this computer doesn’t have any video output.
I have my iPod, and a couple of books. The one I’m reading now is by Tom Robbins – Still Life With Woodpecker. I will leave you with a quote on the previous page.

“Actually, the rain has many uses. It prevents the blood and the sea from becoming too salty. It administers knockout drops to unruly violets. It manufactures the ladder that neon climbs to the moon. A seeker can go into the Great Northwest rain and bring back the Name he needs.”