You Stole My Overture

Yesterday, I experienced my second Muse concert.

There are no words to describe how beautiful it was.

But here’s the story. (written when I got home, so it’s in present-tense. Can’t be arsed to edit that.)

Arrived 8.45 AM. Lisa (Lisalu vmuse), Rachel (EternallyMused), Melanie (Wicked and Divine), her friend (couldn’t quite hear her name), Jared (Jared12), and Jeremy (haytrain) were already there. It was 34° out, and raining. I sat down on my little leopard-print stool, and we all chatted. Very very lovely people. More showed up, and we numbered our hands (I was 8, due to saved spots). Tahnee (Wazlib) arrived around 9.30. She brought several copies of a Vancouver BC newspaper with Muse on the cover, an article, and promo ads inside. Melanie told most everyone about my Glitterati earrings and my portraits, so I had to show them to a lot of people. That was kind of odd, I’m not used to being praised and awed like that. *lol*
Around 2, they did sound check. Techies played the Doctor Who theme, twice, all the way through, checking the keyboards. I had my ear against the door. It was funny, hearing that song in such an unexpected place, and at such volume. Tahnee remembered that they might be celebrating the 11th Doctor’s debut today. Probably right!
Everyone fretted about the fact that Matt smashed the Glitterati in Seattle Friday night. No one knew exactly what happened, but rumour was the headstock was broken.
Security decided an hour before doors that they WOULD allow cameras, which slightly annoyed me, because I have this wonderful Sony CyberShot that I bought specifically because it does good concert photos. But, I would have spent too much time taking pictures and not fully enjoying the gig.
Doors opened promptly at 6. Tickets scanned and hole-punched, wristbands applied, and down to the floor we went. The lady who put my wristband on had no clue how to work the thing so I was late getting there, but Jared and Melanie had saved enough room for me at the barrier. Front and just left of centre. It turns out Jared has the silver version of my camera, and he got some -really- nice shots.
Silversun Pickups were pretty good. I shall have to hear more of them. Brian (singer) is a lot of fun. Really gets into his songs.
Techies came out to switch set. The Glitterati lives!!!
Muse, as always, kicked my ass. Matt wore his disco ball suit and painted American flag t-shirt (I know the shirt is for some band but I can’t think which). Couldn’t see much of Dom, since the stage is so bloody high up. Chris looked really good, and had a cool jacket on.

Uprising (Matt, after: “Hey, I get a strong smell of reefer up here. Who’s got the reefer??”)
New Born
Supermassive Black Hole
Hysteria (preceded by Bellamy Spangled Banner)
Guiding Light
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good
Drum & Bass (Dom and Chris both on giant turntable)
Undisclosed Desires
Unnatural Selection
Time is Running Out
Plug In Baby (release the confetti-filled eyeball balloons!)
Exogenesis: Part 1
Stockholm Syndrome
Knights of Cydonia

Hysteria, Unnatural Selection, TiRO, and Plug In Baby completely kicked my ass. SO overwhelmingly good. Exogenesis actually made me tear up, it was so beautifully performed. Then Stockholm Syndrome really knocked me to the ground. Holy shit.

Left the barrier, after collecting some MuseConfetti from the floor. I saved two un-crumpled pieces from the other side of the barrier wall. Followed Melanie to the soundboard area, where I met Tom Kirk and shook his hand. He’s a really nice guy. He posed for photos with Melanie and Tahnee. Made our way out and back upstairs. Waited for Melanie and Jared to get their merch, then went outside. There was a party at Melanie’s room for Mary (gocanux – 57th birthday today!) – but Tahnee, Jared, Veronica, Shelby and I decided to try waiting for the band at the back doors. We never did meet them. Jared and Veronica snuck in a door near the loading area, and managed to get within about 4 feet of Dom and Matt before security tossed them out again. Meanwhile, myself, Tahnee, and Shelby met Brian, the singer from Silversun Pickups. He actually isn’t that much taller than me. Really nice. He signed my ticket, I told him tonight was my first hearing of them, and they were really awesome. He thanked me humbly, with a cigarette between his teeth. Then he noticed my red glittery star pin, and said he really loved it. Tahnee had her leopard-print Snuggie (with Dom’s face pasted over the model’s on the box), and had been trying to get the silly thing to Dom for weeks. So she finally gave it to Brian, who said “yeah, I’ll definitely get this to him before the next show! He’ll love it. He’ll SHIT himself.” Then he turned to me and continued, “He really will. He does that. He shits himself. All the time. It’s DISGUSTING.” and carried it off to the bus. Ha! I’m glad I got a couple of pictures of that conversation.

The black Suburbans which were in the loading bay pulled slowly past us, and I could see figures through the tinted windows. Goodbye, Muse, and thanks for being so awesome that I can hardly stand it.

We wandered, Jared and Veronica wanted to go to the bar Brian mentioned, but we couldn’t Google anything about a Liberty Lot, so gave up. They are all underage anyway. We walked back to the Marriott and went to Melanie’s room for Mary’s little party. We sat around and chatted for a while. Took more photos. Jaelu and another girl joined us.

Called mom, she picked me up at about 2am.