I find the human brain and nervous system fascinating. Especially in this area: music.
So many of us always have a song stuck in our heads.
I call mine the Mental Jukebox.
And if it’s been too long since I fed a song number in, the Jukebox always reverts to Demo Mode. And Demo Mode is the Sesame Street theme song. LOL! Yes, friends, ’tis true. I guess because I grew up watching that show, it’s the first song really embedded in my synapses, and there it has stayed for 28 years. If I start hearing it, I know it’s time to whip out the iPod.

Also, muscle memory. How is it that we (well, some of us) are able to think of a note, contract a few tiny muscles and things, and belt out a D flat? It’s such a strange thought to me. Whistling, too. How do we figure out to the point of autonomy, where the tongue and lips have to be positioned to get a tune going?

So weird.


On another note (har har):
Our Verizon contract expires and will be renewed in a month or so.
I have an EnV2 now. I adore this phone. So, naturally, I have been planning on getting the EnV3 to replace it with our New-Every-Two deal (nice discounts on contract renewal).
But, then, I found out that Verizon requires at least the $10/month data package with any 3G phone now.
So I started looking around, and am now interested in the Droid Eris. It’s actually the same price as the EnV3 right now. And so many more features. BUT – do I really want full internet access on my mobile phone? I might never put the damned thing down.
Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Experience with either phone? Suggestions?