Ahhh, memories. Today’s shutdown of GeoCities brought forth a lovely chat on the forums of FARK. Now I feel like sharing my own digital memories that no one else will care about.

I remember that my first computer was built by my brother. It was a 386, and had a 14.4 modem. We signed up with AOL2.8, I think. No idea how many MB the hard drive held.

My first websites were, indeed, built with GeoCities. They were my first foray into the world of HTML. And even back then, I stayed away from too many animated GIFs. I always signed up with accounts in the space named sections. I had a Smashing Pumpkins fansite, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show fansite, which made it into an ‘elite’ webring! How excited I was!

AOL had a video download section. Actually I think it was their MTV channel thingy! I would download Smashing Pumpkins videos – except they were only 30-second clips. I remember waiting a good 45 minutes for a 256-color, 150px-wide clip of Tonight, Tonight. I don’t even know how bad the sound was.

My printer was a dot matrix, as inkjet was still grossly unaffordable at the time. I think I got my first inkjet (courtesy of my father) in 1997. It was beautiful, but now I look at a printout I made with it all those years ago, it looks like halftone. ha!

Then just a few years ago I got an iPod 3rd gen, which came with firewire. I had to buy an extra USB adapter for it. I built my current desktop computer shortly after that, and made sure the motherboard had a firewire port. Now Apple has discontinued use of firewire, of course.

Just thought I’d share some random thoughts. Anyone else have a geekstory?


  1. That’s funny about your Smashing Pumpkins of my first geocities sites was also a SP fansite, and it eventually turned into one of the first SP fanlistings! I also had a Hole/Courtney Love fansite. Ahh the memories! 😀

  2. I was starting to think there weren’t any of us Geocitiees dinosaurs left. i started my first site with them a few months to a year before Yahoo! took over the neighborhoods and messed up a good thing – this was back when you could move the banner ad around with page builder. I still get nostalgic about those things. Le sigh.