Adventures in Seattle

What a fantastic weekend!

I got to see my lovely friend Marci on Sunday, which was a treat. I hadn’t seen her in way too long. She even treated mom & I to coffee and dinner! We went wandering around shops, and talked a bunch, and had a great time. I’ve missed her :}

Monday, mom & I borrowed dad’s Garmin and navigated ourselves to Seattle Center for some time-wasting and sight-seeing before the doors to Key Arena opened. I brought one of my Doctor Who figurines with me just to be a dork. My friend JC and I are doing a kind of ‘roaming gnome’ type thing, taking our Doctors to random places and photographing him. It’s amusing to us geeky, moronic people. πŸ™‚

We wandered a several-square-block area, looked at the sights, took pictures, marvelled at the price to go up the Space Needle, had dinner at McDonalds, took more pictures of the different colours of EMP. Last time I was there, the SciFi museum wasn’t in that building – will have to visit one day! πŸ˜€

Eventually we ended up back at the entrance to the arena, and listened to the pre-recorded ‘You Will Be Searched for Weapons and Alcohol’ message about 20 times before they opened the doors. We followed everyone else to the merch table, where mom graciously purchased a shirt, a programme, and a keychain for me. The programme is much more fun than last tour’s. More pictures, and I love the colours.
We found our seats, and sat. I took another picture of the Plastic Doctor with the stage in background.
The opening group, Peter Bjorn and John, was pretty fun. I couldn’t hear the bass guitar at all, and the rest of the mix wasn’t that great either. But the guys were having fun, including going out into the audience to dance around and sing.. they got a good reaction out of that πŸ˜€

After their set, I decided to try and find out where my friend Stephen was. I sent him a txt, and he told me what seat he was in, which was on the floor, so I had to do a guesstimate count from front row. I spotted someone I thought may have been him, and sent another txt. Sure enough, after a few seconds, I saw the tiny guy on the floor reach into his pocket and check his phone. *lol* I waved at him with my pink scarf, and he came up to meet me. Was lovely to get a hug from him. πŸ˜€

Depeche Mode. They thoroughly kicked my ass. The set list was really great (I didn’t write it down though).. I remember they opened with In Chains, then Wrong. They have so many albums and so many great songs now, I don’t know how they choose what to play. The live version of Come Back was So.Fucking.Spectacular. It rocked so much harder than the recorded version, and I absolutely LOVED it. The heaviness of the songs is thanks in big part to Christian, the drummer, who basically takes their rockin songs and beats you over the head with them.
The graphics were totally different this time, and pretty entertaining. I particularly liked the Enjoy the Silence bit – it gave me quite a giggle :}

Martin was beautiful to behold in his full silver attire. Silver 3-piece suit, silver glitter bracelets, silver shoes, and body glitter on every bit of skin showing. Certainly couldn’t ignore him! *lol* But ohhhh, his voice. Martin sounded better than I have EVER heard him, recorded or live. He was confident, vibrant, spot-on, and absolutely brilliant. The audience treated him like a god when he did his beautiful long notes… I melted a few times there.

Dave – Dave made me smile the entire time. Just the fact that he’s out there, and doing these shows, and still having a good time. Many people don’t seem to appreciate the fact that he’s been rather ill lately. HELLO, he had a fucking TUMOUR removed. And then he pulled a muscle… and yet here he is, maybe with a little less vigour, but still twirling and smiling and shimmying and doing all the things Dave does. I seriously had a tear in my eye for a moment watching him.
I could tell, though, that his voice wasn’t quite happy. He was a bit flat going above a certain pitch. Plus, he was having a little trouble hearing his monitors. Come to find out, his doctor has ordered 48 hours vocal rest.. so tomorrow’s show is cancelled.

So yes, I enjoyed the concert. They did a wonderful job of reminding me just how much I love them.

I was bummed after the show that I hadn’t opted to use some of mom’s gift money to order the LiveHereNow recording .. but I found out when I got home that I could just order it on the website anyway. It still takes them almost a month to make the tracks available.. hopefully it will be mixed well.

Photos from the show can be found on DM’s blog site (I didn’t bring my camera)..
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  1. Sounds like you had a fun time in Seattle and at the concert! I’m jealous, I would LOVE to see Depeche Mode and visit Seattle πŸ˜‰