Ah gotz mah hurrs cut!


Yaaay haircuts. It’s basically the same it’s been for a long time now, but my stylist did it slightly different this time to take some of the bulk out. It came out mega-curly too! When she was scrunching gel stuff into it, she said “GOD this is SO CUTE, I want your hair SO – BAD.” *lol*

I want to put some black chunks in with the burgundy (which has to be touched up anyway) one of these days, so I’m going to try and save up to have her do that. She had a really good idea for how it would look.

Other than that, boring day. I stopped by Free Geek to buy a VGA monitor cable so I can properly hook my laptop up to the plasma TV. Radio Shack wants $30 for their cables – I paid $2 for an unused cable at Free Geek. Yeah, the $2 one isn’t gold-plated, but I really don’t think I would notice a difference. 😛