I was on Facebook earlier, and added the Causes app. In browsing through causes to join, I came across a photo of a dog who had had cosmetics and chemicals smeared on its now-nearly-disintegrated face.
It made me bawl, and I went and grabbed my Dolby and cried into his fur. Just typing this is making me tear up….

So it started me on doing a lot of research. I realised that I had never really paid attention to the things I buy, and I feel guilty for it.

I can’t believe how many manufacturers and brands still test on animals. It’s disgusting. Absolutely horrible. Now I know what not to buy.

I even went so far as to e-mail 3 companies I didn’t see on either of PETA’s Do-Test or Don’t-Test lists for assurance that they are totally cruelty-free. I found nothing about animals on TIGI’s website or their packaging, which is a bad sign.
Anastasia cosmetics (makers of the tinted brow gel I use) says cruelty-free on the packaging, but that could mean just the finished product. Their parent company, Quatre S Cosmetics, also says absolutely nothing about animals on their website.
We’ll see what kind of response, if any, I get from those three places.

If you are curious about these lists…
Companies that DO test
Companies that DO NOT test

*hugs her kitties again*

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