I have discovered the secret to preventing slippage while sewing velveteen!

1. Walking Foot
2. Pins placed every inch, diagonally against the edge

Yaaaaaay! It took so many tries to figure that out.

I’m working on perfecting the design & pattern for this handbag I started a couple of months ago… definitely needs to be larger.

Once it is perfected and I’ve made a few, I will be opening up a shop (and posting on Etsy) with this and a couple of my previous designs. 1″ buttons too. Getting kind of excited! 😀

One Comment

  1. Very good tip!

    I’ve come to posess two newish sewing machines in the past few months. Considering the one I had been using was my mom’s when I was a baby, these are NEW to me!

    I am going to try constructing some reusable grocery bags from recycled linens I buy at Goodwill. Maybe do the Etsy thing too.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see your bag!