She’s Among the Stars…

About five years ago, we were adopted by our neighbour’s cat, Boots. The kitty hated her owner’s other cat, and liked us better. We fed her because she was down to skin and bones, and she was the sweetest kitty. The neighbor tried taking her back across the street one day and Boots came right back, so the lady said “Well I can’t make her do what she doesn’t want to!” and just forgot about her. Boots had the best purr, and you could snuggle her for hours. Her ears were just a little small, her tail was short, and her paws were dainty.
She has continued to live outside at mom’s house.. mom brought her in once and she didn’t want to be in, and mom’s other female cat would have killed her.. so Boots has led a happy life on the back porch in summer or the garage in winter.

This tuesday, mom discovered that Boots wasn’t showing up for her daily canned food.
And this morning, mom found the kitty on her side in the garage, under the truck.
If she hadn’t been feeling well, she would have been in her bed… so she must have been struck by a car and tried to get into her safe haven but didn’t quite make it.

Mom buried her under the camellia bush today.

May you rest in peace, dear sweet Boots…