So I guess there’s been an upgrade from Lightbox to Lightview. I implemented said upgrade here on the site, and it is quite an improvement! If anyone is interested in learning about the project, here is its website.

Along with this, I have re-scanned all the artwork that was on the Artsy page. I also found my Kurt Cobain drawings from 15 years ago, and put up the best of those. Not too shabby for a girl of thirteen, I suppose. :}

I’ve been working on new handbag designs to sew up and possibly sell on my own site (I’ve already come up with a name) and/or Etsy. *I* like my designs. Don’t know if anyone else will.. I think they will. …I hope.

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  1. hey, i saw your martin gore avatar on bytls messgeboard and decided to pop by and say hi! i like a lot of the same music as you do, and diary and the newest chuck p. books are in my top 20 books, and this from a book snob!
    so, hi!