Yay, I survived my oral surgery. I’s gonna get a lot more stupider now that my wisdom teef is gone.
Funny, right before they put the IV in, the assistant complimented me on my fun plastic star earrings, and they all wondered if the earrings glow. I said no, but they’d probably look really neat in blacklight. The assistant agreed, and said how she’d like to try night bowling.
I told them about the new blacklight putt-putt golf place downtown, and she said that sounded like a lot of fun. I told them about the skeleton pirate statue they have outside the place, and that’s the last thing I said (that I know of). heh!
I kind of remember them putting the rubber thing in my mouth to keep my jaw open, and the needle-pokes in the gums, and then nothing until my mom came in and they handed me my coat. O_o
You must remember, I had never been put to sleep before, so it was a rather odd experience.
They even gave me two coupons for Dairy Queen, and a pretty little pink rose, “for being such a good patient.” :}

So I’m sore, and swollen on the bottom left of my face where he had to cut that tooth out, but yay for cold packs and tylenol3.

9 hours later my cheek is still slightly numb.

Oh yeah.. I even wore my Duran shirt today, in homage to Medazzaland :}

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  1. Gppdthing your surgery went fine. 🙂 Im glad. XD