This site was loading incredibly slowly, and I finally decided to experiment with plugins, because I knew that some plugin must be causing the delay. Lo and behold, the thing sped way up when I deactivated Bad Behaviour. Don’t know what in that script would be tying things up, but it appears that it was. So now I’m trying out Akismet.

Speaking of slow, I think snails are amusing. And I found a Swatch watch with snails on! Isn’t it cute?! Heehee. It’s called Schneckentempo. I’ve wanted a Swatch since high school, when my friend worked there. I’ve always had a fascination with clocks and watches for some reason. This thing has a nice hefty *TICK* to it too, which is fun.

I’ve adopted a new pet fishie as well. He’s a beautiful Betta, and fairly young. Has a great personality for a fishie.. active but not crazy like the one that was next to him on the shop shelf. He stares at me when I stare at him. 😛