Just watched ‘Everything is Illuminated.’ I liked it. I can see, though, why it didn’t do well commercially. Someone who was watching it without having first read the novel would be kind of lost, and probably think it a bit sappy. The book, of course, was MUCH better – there was an entire back story that wasn’t even hinted upon in the film, and I don’t think it really could have been. Jonathan Safran Foer has a writing style all his own, and they never could have translated that. Would have made the movie really confusing and 6 hours long too.. heh.
By the way, if you haven’t read Everything is Illuminated, I really think you should. Damn good book. So is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, though that one’s a bit more depressing. Phenomenal writing though, worth every minute spent.

Think I’ll go read now. 🙂

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  1. Ah, I wish I had more books to read. I live in Brazil and buying books in English here is super expensive, so I have to wait until I go to the USA to get some! But I will check out those you mentioned, they sound really interesting. Keep up the good work, the site looks lovely.
    – Laura