Just a Little How-Do-You-Do

I finished reading Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk last night. Quite an interesting book! I enjoyed it. His writing style is certainly different. I found another of his books, Choke, accidentally abandoned on a bus stop bench yesterday on my way home, and thought about rescuing it, but it was in kind of bad shape and slightly damp from the rain. So I left it there. I’ll buy my own.
Now I’m going to start Brave New World, which some people seem to be surprised that I’ve still not read. Ah well.
I’m filling in the time between novels by quickly catching up with volume 12 of Fruits Basket. It’s been months since I read that manga, and I’m now missing 2 or 3 volumes after this. It’s an expensive hobby, reading manga, at $10 a volume 😛

Mmm, green chai with honey and milk.

Yesterday I went to see my rheumatologist for the first time. She’s quite nice, and fairly young, which I like. I prefer my doctors to be on top of the latest treatments. She asked me all the routine questions, checked all my joints, was amazed at my reflexes, took a good look at my knees since they’ve given me the most trouble. She’s pretty sure they’re just all floaty with water and still sore from the Lupus attack, and they should get better with time. She sent me off to radiology to get them x-rayed just in case of arthritic damage. I saw the pictures from across the room, and my bones looked fine.. if there’s any problem I’m sure she’ll call me next week. She also decided to put me on Plaquenil, a very common drug for arthritis & lupus patients. It will help balance out the symptoms and permit better tapering off of this horrible Prednisone.
After that I went in to the lab and got my bloodwork done, yipee. Scary thing: I’m starting to not be nervous when about to get needle-jabbed.
Hah, I looked up Plaquenil on WebMD and saw this gem:
“It can reduce skin problems in lupus and prevent swelling/pain in arthritis, though it is not known exactly how the drug works.”
Yeah, it’s not known exactly how anything works with lupus. I brought a book about the disease to my grandfather, and he said “I read that book cover to cover and I think it’s just what they call it when they don’t know what the hell it is!” heh.

Today I’ll be meeting mom at her new office (they’ve got the accounting gals working overtime to fix a bad server fuckup [6 months of records into digital oblivion = many hours of data entry]) and we’ll go out to lunch and to Knit/Purl. Then back here to pick up my 4 loads of dirty laundry and to her house to wash and knit and bake banana bread and watch movies. Yay 🙂