I’m finally getting around to cleaning up and cataloging the records and CDs I’ve bought over the past couple of months. I still absolutely adore my Media Shelf script, thanks to Jenny at! I’ve been using it for a long time now and never had a problem with it. And it’s so handy for being a geek like myself! Heh.
Anyway, I remembered that it includes an RSS feed, so I dorkily added my latest music additions to the sidebar over there, above the Recent Tracks bit. Now you can see what I buy and what I listen to! Like you really wanted to know.

I am thinking of getting brave and trying my hand at coding up a little Currently widget. I don’t know why, but I miss having my current mood, surf, book, thought, food, whatever, proudly displayed. I’ve seen a plugin that displays current mood on each post, but I’d like to have a sidebar version, update-able whenever. The only thing is, I’m not looking forward to sharing it and getting all the support requests and finding out there’s an injection flaw or something… it’s worth a try though. And since I have WP installed as a testing ground on my local machine, I don’t have to sit here and upload the files a billion times! Yay.

Also, I love having a random quote displayed now, but I wish there was a page where someone could read them all. Maybe even submit. Like the old PHPquotes script which is now dead. Waah! My silly little gadgets are gone.

In other nerdy news, I got my Jareth the Goblin King figurine today. It’s pretty detailed! You can even see the tiny stitches in his little gloved fingers. And he has a tiny crystal ball, which I’m halfway thinking about supergluing to his fingers, because I know it’s going to get lost one of these days. ::hearts::