Quick Fix!

Hey hey! I went to Samsarin’s website and found that someone else was having that weird PHP Widget problem that I have. So I commented on his entry for the plugin, and specified that my error occured right after I upgraded to WP2.2 – Samsarin replied within an hour! And rewrote the plugin and posted it on his site, and thanked the two of us for notifying him of the error! That’s pretty spiffy. 😀 I have yet to install it since I’m not home today, but I’m sure it will work just fine. Thanks Samsarin!! 😀

Installed the new version of PHP Widget, and it works beautifully! Yaaaay I have my fun little random gadgets again.
I also got rid of my old tagboard, as I discovered a big security hole in it (random people could come along and delete tags, along with a SQL injection hole I found in a Google search) – and I’ve put in Pierre’s new shoutbox. Hopefully it holds up! Seems like a pretty good little plugin… What else can I clutter my sidebar with? Heh.