Blustery Day

Waah, my Samsarin PHP widget seems to have an error now that I’ve upgraded WP! No matter how many times I deactivate, delete, re-upload, activate, check – whatever is in the 1st PHP widget shows up in every other PHP widget. I can’t figure it out. Hopefully it’s a temporary bug related to WP integrating the Sidebar Widgets function into the core code. I’ll miss my few little plugins!

I finally installed a quotes plugin, don’t know why I didn’t find it before. Sometimes I’m blind. Yay for having random quotes on my site! 😀

In real life news, I’ve had a bad couple of days emotionally. I’m tired of the state of my apartment, but I am either too busy or too ill to do much about it. Everyone demands my attention, and I have had NO time to myself for a couple of months now. I’m going crazy. And the prednisone has caused my face to swell up like a pink balloon.. people say I don’t look that bad but when I look in the mirror it disgusts me. Diuretics are barely helping at all.

But I have a haircut appointment this afternoon, so at least my hair will look cute for a few hours. It’s starting to get rather scraggly.