And the Beat Goes On

Found out the hard way that 10mg is too much to cut out of my Prednisone dosage at once. Pain that cannot be alleviated with Tylenol3 is not good! Otherwise, my illness is being controlled quite nicely. I think I am one of the photosensitive ones though – after going for a 15-minute walk around the neighbourhood on my lunch hour Thursday, my face got quite pink. And it was overcast.

I’ve been raising money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and knitting happy, fuzzy, baby pink boa scarves for those who donate. It’s been fun! I cannot do the 5-mile jaunt this year due to the lupus and all its medications, but I am doing the 2-mile walk, and getting very generous donations from my friends and family in the process. It’s a wonderful thing! 😀

I have also started a fundraising page to help fight Lupus, of course… it’s here.

Also, in site news, I’ve added another dorky sidebar plugin: knitting project progress bars! In no way are they accurate, as I have about 10 projects going and I’ve only listed two, but that’s enough. I’m sure no one will pay attention anyway. Heh! The NowReading plugin isn’t really accurate either – I have a figurative pile to the ceiling of books that I’m planning on reading. Some day….

One Comment

  1. wow. you are doing a lot of charity work. hehe. Im soon gonna join those orgs who promote anti-cancer and stuff. 😛