Just a Little

Update for the hell of it.
I rescued a dog on Thursday. It had gotten away from someone and was tearing ass around the neighbourhood behind my office. He followed me and then ran off, then came back and ran around me, went ahead, came back, etc. I walked around my entire lunch hour and never saw anyone looking for him, and no one recognised him. He ended up running around in the middle of a very busy street and almost got hit by several vehicles, so I somehow called him back over to me and my co-worker came with his Jeep to pick us up. We played and danced and laughed with the doggie until animal services came for him. I’m sure he’s fine – he was a youngish pup, super friendly, and absolutely adorable. If his family didn’t want/find him, someone else surely will. ..I miss him… *sniffle*

Work and websites are keeping me muchly busy.. then I have a tiny messy apartment and two furbabies to deal with as well. It seems like this place is impossible to keep clean.

Mom lost her job of 16 years because the company finally went under – it really sucks, but we’ve seen it coming from a long way.
So to make some extra cash, she’s going to make & sell some tote bags and knitting bags. I have one of the knitting bags, and it’s wonderful! I’m going to set up an online shop for us, so we can both sell our wares on it. Need to work on business cards too.

Site-wise, I installed the new ‘Run for Cover’ last.fm plugin you see down there in the sidebar that displays recently played album covers.. added a few more items to my 101 facts page, did the usual upgrades of scripts and junk.