Sunday [Not So Lazy]

It’s Geek Day again here in apartment #9, and I’ve upgraded WordPress to version 2.1! Yaaaay for bugfixes and new features.
Also updated what few plugins had updates, of course.
I still haven’t added a ‘if IE6’ clause to the CSS yet, but that’s probably going to happen sometime this afternoon. Have to work on another few projects before I tackle the stupid alignment problem here..
I’ve also noticed that my PHPCurrently script is only semi-working. The mood doesn’t update anymore, but the rest of the items do – how odd. The script is quite old and I wish the gals at CodeGrrl had more time to update it. ^_^;
Also waiting for a new version of PHPQuotes, or a similar script, as I really do miss my random quote display and its handy interface. I wonder if I could take a simple sidebar widget and hack it for my own use? Hmmmmmm… new project!
As if I don’t have enough projects.

You should see my to-be-knitted yarn collection these days…..