I have been buying entirely too much yarn lately. This knitting thing is a terrible habit. Hah!
I’m currently working on a really simple but really neat scarf, made of 7 different colours of tweed wool in four long strips. It’s going quickly, which is nice, because I wanted to have this scarf immediately, which is why I bought the pattern book I found on the table in the shop and why I bought 7 balls of wool yarn on a whim! Yeesh.

Also, I’ve bought some different colours of plain worsted wool yarn, and have made myself a little pattern for felted iPod cosys! I’m thinking I’ll sell a few, at least to friends. I’ll put them online with my buttons and maybe a couple handbags.
If anyone happens by this post, feel free to comment with colour suggestions! Even if you’re not going to buy one.. I have weird tastes compared to some. *lol*

Other than the knitting…. I have a new job! And it looks like it’ll be a really good one! The people are great, the job is something that will keep me busy, and it’s stuff I know how to do. And – it’s not a receptionist position! Heh. I start Monday… wish me luck! 😀