i’m still alive.. just been busy with many many projects. still haven’t found just the right image for a new layout here.
i have 4 unfinished scarves in my knitting bag, a couple of unfinished websites in my queue, a volunteer job i’m working on bit by bit, and slowly cleaning my poor apartment. heh.
plus MediaShelf 2.0 is out, so i decided instead of upgrading i’d just do a fresh install. that gives me a chance to put scans/pictures of everything up, which i didn’t do before. why? because i’m a dork, and because it would help if my stuff were ever stolen or damaged. insurance purposes. as of tonight, i’m up to Stone Temple Pilots in the CDs. after the cds, i will do the 7″ singles, then 10″, then the LPs and 12″ singles. ohh this will take forever.
one design note for next layout: it will all be in sentence case. *gasp*! yes, i’m going to follow a simple english principle. lol.