updates and opinions on a hot sunday (not fudge)

joy, i’ve just finished up a bunch of site maintenance, here and at my duranduran site. here i upgraded wordpress to the latest version, cleaned out some dead links (only 2 of the webrings were still around!), and checked things over.
need to take a pic of myself wearing the scarf i finished the other night, as i posted the pattern for it on the varied page. it’s incredibly simple, but looks better than just plain knit for the kind of yarn i used. 🙂

i’ve been playing a lot of sims2 lately, which is silly, but oh well. i’m easily amused. one of my favourite things is building & furnishing the houses. especially if i’m trying to do so from the floorplans in a street of dreams book. mmm $4m+ homes.
and i’m anxiously awaiting the ‘pets’ expansion pack – i still only have ‘night life’ cos i keep spending my play money on other things. and my favourite expansion for sims1 was the pets. 😀

hmm, not really much else to blab about.
i thought about posting my opinion on the whole dreamhost outage thing on friday, but i didn’t. short version: they’re back up, i don’t have any business to lose over the outages, i didn’t even get put on the troubles list at tfl.org, and everything appears to be there, so it’s fine with me. i can see where the business owners and people of that type came from by saying they’re going to find hosting elsewhere, but i also say good riddance, because they shouldn’t be relying on $15/month hosting for something THAT important. but, on the other hand, dreamhost might not want to advertise that business package when they know the building their servers are in loses power so easily. *shrug*
i also thought it was nice of the few professional sysadmins to come on and suggest their geek solutions on the blog… and it sounds to me like yes, dh should move to a different building. even a more reliable one in the LA area would suffice – the owners of that building seem to not really give a shit about their clients. imho.